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Welcome to Ken’s Corner

Welcome to Ken’s Corner, the new McKenzie blog section of the Taxidermy.Net website.

In this section, I will present news, videos, artwork and taxidermy industry information in a new format that I hope you will find interesting and entertaining. I will probably be a bit more personal and opinionated than I have allowed myself to be in the role of the impartial administrator on the Taxidermy Net Forum, with a focus on the outdoors and taxidermy industry news.
McKenzie LogoHaving been involved in presenting information to the taxidermy industry for the past 30 years, I have an insight into the profession which will hopefully allow me to present a different format for communication through this blog. This is not a new Forum, or a replacement for my baby, the Taxidermy Net Forum, which I am very proud of. Instead, it will be a supplement to the Taxidermy Net website, presenting timely information in a new configuration which I will try to keep current, relevant, and appealing.

Within this blog, the taxidermy industry will be the main focus, along with hunting, fishing and the outdoors. I look forward to sharing information in this new format with my friends and colleagues, both old and new.

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  1. Betty & Richard Noles

    This sounds great. I am sure it will be recieved as a positive thing for all taxidermist. Good luck and look forward to reading and learning more.

    Betty & Richard Noles

  2. aspenangler (Shane)

    Very nice Ken. Looking forward to following it!

  3. michael p.

    Let it flow Ken!

  4. Doug Montgomery


  5. Kerby Ross

    Cool, it is now saved under my favorites! 🙂

  6. Jason

    VERY nice Ken.

  7. Brian Claar


  8. Lone Wolf Taxidermy

    Good deal Ken…Thanks for all you do.

  9. antlerman

    cool beans

  10. Jason (animalwizard) Smith

    Its so refreshing to here that a true Pioneer in this industry is still Pioneering. My hats off to you.

  11. Jerry Huffaker

    Gotcha bookmarked Ken.

  12. Dennis Bragg


  13. Harry Paulson

    With you running this it should be a great injection of all the information you mentioned.
    Good luck with this new venture.

  14. Michael B

    Very nice

  15. JE

    Now I have to sit at my computer even longer 😉

  16. rnviper3

    JE, I was just going to finish reading all the post here and state the same thing.
    Ken, sounds like a great idea. I guess I will be startling to do the blog thing now. I have resisted for lack of good reason to.
    Thanks again ken.

  17. Bruce Rittel

    Knowing you – I’m looking forward to your new “Blog”! If anyone can do it – you can, and make it work! Good luck with it – Ken!

  18. AndyO

    Just read the blog on turkey. Very well done. Look forward to more articles.

  19. Cam Johnson

    Great Ken, cant wait to read and learn from the pros!

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