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  1. Leanid
    Yes, you are right. And in order not to break the law, I sell exclusive goods of my own production. If you are interested, visit my website: https://killerwhaletooth.wordpress.com/
  2. NOAH@aarrkk
    I don't know where you live but here in the U.S., selling sea mammal parts is illegal---UNLESS you have documentation verifying that they were collected prior to the signing of the Marine Mammal...
  3. tem
    how hard was this to do. any pointers. did you use the whole mouth peace or did you use half by cutting the back off. you dont see that part any ways.did you half to dig out the uper and lower...
  4. bigbrowns
    WOW, that's Awesome!!!!
  5. lampman
    It would have been nice to have seen lights on the tips of those antlers.

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