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Outstanding Offerings from the Top Taxidermy Instructors
44 Fabulous Seminars are Lined Up!

Seminar 1
Complete Whitetail Deer
Instructors: Joe & Mary Coombs
Each year requests are made for more whitetail seminars. Well all we can say is, Wow! This seminar is for those that want to learn the fundamentals about ears, ear butts, eye setting, and anatomy. If you're looking to make your deer more lifelike then join this husband and wife duo for the do's and don'ts on everything you can imagine. Being very approachable is Joe and Mary's number one goal. Don't miss this golden opportunity to ask your questions and take notes. (Sponsored by Joe Coombs Classics, Inc.)

Seminar 2
Reptile Mounting
Instructor: Terry Rheinlander
Most taxidermists don't like snakes. Well, Terry does and it shows in his unique mounting style. Terry is known for his outstanding reptile mounts and will help you become familiar with various time saving tips. He will demonstrate preparation for skinning, skinning methods, fleshing, and prepping the mannikin. He will discuss methods of preserving the skin, and the best procedure to use when attaching the skin to the mannikin.

Seminar 3
Instructor: Steve Novak
Do you need help starting a successful taxidermy business or new ideas on managing your present business? Now is the time to write down any questions you may have and bring them with you. Steve is wise beyond his years and will tell you the tips and techniques that he uses in his business. With his vast amount of experience Steve will give you information to help put you over the top with advice on how to increase profits in your everyday work and build a successful business.

Seminar 4
Fleshing Machines
Instructor: James Edgar
James is the owner of Authentic Taxidermy Supplies and manufactures machines that make all taxidermists' lives easier. From bird, mammal, and deer fleshers to tumblers and other supplies, James has it all. James will demonstrate the fleshing machines and have extra capes available for anyone that would like to try fleshing first hand. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own capes. (Sponsored by Authentic Taxidermy Supply)

Seminar 5
Mounting Pheasants
Instructor: Danny Owens
Danny is a talented artist who has won awards for his bird work. He has proven his award winning status and will share all phases of bird taxidermy from skinning to mounting. Danny will express the importance of eye, wing, and leg positioning. If you are a serious game bird taxidermist or even a beginner, this is the seminar for you. His simple methods will help you speed up your work as well as improve your mounts. As an added treat, this seminar-mounted pheasant will be auctioned on Saturday night.

Seminar 6
Children's Seminar-Primos Turkey Calls
Instructors: Mary Hilliard
Yelp, cluck, gobble -- Have you ever wanted to learn how to call turkeys? Here's your chance. Children age six and up will enjoy this fun seminar, which provides instruction for calling turkeys and includes prizes awarded for the best turkey calls. Where else can you make funny noises and not get sent to your room? You won't want to miss this one. (Sponsored by Mary's Wholesale Rug Works)

Seminar 7
Mounting African Game
Instructor: Bob Sanders
Don't let African work scare you away. If you want to see how easy it can be, then make it a point to attend this seminar. Bob will cover all the basics from beginning to end by showing you how to mount your African game using his informative and creative techniques. This seminar will definitely enhance your African work and open your business to an entirely new clientele. (Sponsored by Jonas Supply)

Seminar 8
Instructor: Mike Sims
The NTA has been working overtime to respond to its member's request. More INSURANCE benefits! There's always the chance of a fire in your area. Are you willing to lose the house on it? You'd be surprised how many taxidermists are still willing to risk everything they have over a small insurance premium. In too many cases, we don't have insurance because we make the mistake of believing our homeowners' insurance will cover our business. It doesn't. Most insurance companies won't insure a taxidermy business. Well, from premiums to policies Mike will answer your questions and inform you on a varied list of topics. But whatever the price of insurance, it could hardly be considered a lot for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can depend on a policy that's designed for taxidermists whether you're full or part time. Don't take a chance. Be there for this seminar. (Sponsored by Mike Sims)

Seminar 9
Mounting Competition Quality Lifesize Lion and Leopard
Instructors: Ken Walker and Ray Hatfield
Learn the tricks of the Masters who have won it all--numerous times! Ken and Ray specialize in realistic poses of animals that many times you can't find forms for. Ken and Ray will also demonstrate and explain how to make mouth sets and other molding and casting techniques as well as show you how to make the alterations to help you produce more realistic and award winning mounts. This ongoing seminar will feature both a lifesize lion and leopard.

Seminar 10
Rug Work and Head Mounting
Instructors: Mary Hilliard and Chris Krueger
Mary produces show quality rug making and has been in the industry for years. Using quality materials that are hand and machine sewn, Mary will provide you with an assortment of options for your tanned skins. Not new to the art of taxidermy is Chris Krueger. Chris will provide head mounting and finishing techniques to offer you with a wealth of information to put you over the top when the need arises for custom rug work.

Seminar 11
Mounting Waterfowl
Instructor: Jim Pitts
To help you elevate your level of craftsmanship and artistry, Jim will provide you with tips on mounting competition and commercial waterfowl, as well as how to incorporate competition techniques into your commercial mounts. This seminar will save you time, improve your quality of work, and help improve your overall waterfowl mounting skills.

Seminar 12
Children's Seminar-Make it, Take it
Instructors: The Brummel Family
Each participant will be furnished a bendable wire armature and various colors of AVES Apoxie Sculpt to create whatever their imagination will allow. From animals to flowers, to exotic alien beings, anything is a possibility! All clay and sculpting tools will be provided. (Sponsored by AVES Studio)

Seminar 13
A History of Taxidermy
Instructor: John Janelli
Who doesn't recall those early days of taxidermy? The stories you've heard and from whence they came. Now you can learn about taxidermy from the very beginning. Relive that dream again. John has spent many years reading and studying about taxidermy and has some great stories to tell. He will be able to separate fact from fiction. This seminar is for the whole family. Attend this seminar and step back in history to see how things were done using lead earliners and the burlap method.

Seminar 14
Painting Reproduction Fish
Instructor: Jeff Roman
This seminar has been a huge success with numerous requests for a repeat performance. Jeff Roman and Star*Fish will feature the newest and most unique fish blanks on the market. These fish blanks have built in mouth detail that takes only a minimum amount of time to prepare prior to painting. You will learn the proper steps in preparing a fish blank and how to paint it. A profitable way to become involved in marketing reproduction fish to your current and potential new customers is to attend this seminar. (Sponsored by Star*Fish)

Seminar 15
Mounting Whitetail
Instructor: Cary Cochran
Cary is a talented wildlife artist and is known for his unique deer mounts. The secret to having a consistently nice looking whitetail mount is easier once you've seen and heard Cary cover the fundamentals. As Cary mounts this deer he will provide hints, tips and ideas that will save you time and improve quality. Plan on attending this most unique and informative seminar to see what has made Cary one of the most requested seminar instructors around. (Sponsored by Buckeye Mannikins)

Seminar 16
"Hands On" Faux Painting, Stenciling, and Wallpapering With Border
Instructor: Tiffeni Beech
This is a fun, hands on seminar that will teach you the art of faux painting. You will be painting a terra-cotta flowerpot and then stenciling artwork of your choice on top of the paint. Tiffeni will demonstrate how you can incorporate this procedure into your home, studio walls or taxidermy bases for that unique touch. She'll then demonstrate quick and easy techniques for wallpapering your walls with border to brighten up a room. As this is a "Hands On" seminar, seating is very limited and reservations are required. Sign up early!

Seminar 17
Children's Seminar-River Rock Painting
Instructor: Amber Touchstone
Children age six and up will enjoy making river rock paintings. If you like being creative and having fun then you won't want to miss this one. We'll be making river rocks that look like bugs, animals or fish. So come on and lets have some fun! (Sponsored by Touchstone Supply Co.)

Seminar 18
Mounting Pedestal Whitetail
Instructor: Joe Meder
The quest for the perfect whitetail mount is one that Joe has come as close to anyone. His love of whitetail has made him one of the most outstanding taxidermists and sculptors today. Joe will demonstrate the fine points of mounting a pedestal whitetail. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the all time masters. You will see why his private classes are where many of today's competition winners went to study and enhance their knowledge about whitetail taxidermy. (Sponsored by McKenzie Supply Co.)

Seminar 19
Instructor: Garland Lesley
This is one of those specialized seminars you have asked for. Garland will take all the mystery out of how to make your very own castings that will be of competition quality. Don't ever wonder how this is done again! If this is an area that you want to pursue now is the time to bring all of your questions and receive the answers and effective methods used by an expert. (Sponsored by Jonas Supply Co.)

Seminar 20
The Art of Habitats
Instructor: Rick Kennair
Rick will captivate you with his extraordinary seminar using his own individual techniques for creating his unique, award-winning habitats. Learn various methods of making artificial rocks and bases that can be used on floor mounts or wall mounts. Rick will also cover casting and molding real rocks and show you how to incorporate your rock coloration into the casting mixture. Rick's ideas on habitat will amaze you and your head will be spinning after you attend his seminar.

Schedule 21
Finishing Pedestal Backs
Instructor: Phil Helms
Did you ever wonder how to finish the back of a pedestal mount to give it that specialized look? Phil has some distinctive and groundbreaking ideas that he is going to share with everyone attending. Come prepared to advance your understanding and help make your pedestal mounts more specialized than you ever imagined. (Sponsored by McKenzie Supply Co.)

Seminar 22
Children's Seminar
"Hands On" Faux Painting and Stenciling Instructor: Tiffeni Beech
This is a fun, hands on seminar for the kids that will teach the art of faux painting. You will be painting a terra-cotta flowerpot and then stenciling artwork of your choice on top of the paint. She'll demonstrate quick and easy techniques for the kids!

Seminar 23
Whitetail Mounting
Instructor: Ben Mears
Everyone knows Ben as an accomplished whitetail sculptor with forms that have won first place and people's choice at tough NTA competitions. Ben is a talented taxidermist and will show you how easy these forms are to use and how realistic your whitetail mounts can look. He will emphasize not only the facial details that are so important, but also the neck, brisket and shoulders that many people overlook. If you need improvement in your whitetails, Ben's seminar will show you what you need to know. (Sponsored by Ben Mears Supply)

Seminar 24
360-Degree Competition Fish Mounting
Instructor: Dan Rinehart
Noted as a fish expert that has won most all of the major awards, Dan will demonstrate his techniques for producing competition quality mounts. Dan will cover all of his methods used in his studio where you can incorporate this information into your warm and coldwater mounting. When you see his easy methods you will understand how the proper anatomy causes the fish mount to go together so simply. (Sponsored by Whitetail Specialists)

Seminar 25
Cooking Class
Instructor: Holiday Inn Chef Kevin Backus
This is a fantastic seminar and each year those that attend keep coming back for more. Over the past 6 years we have had nothing but rave reviews and this year will be no different. Learn all the short cuts and details to making Venison Au Poive and Vension Gastron. Included will be instructions on how to make the accompanying brandy and cream sauce. There will also be hands-on instruction on making turned mushrooms, tomato roses, and apple birds. Chef Kevin will have copies of the recipes available for you before you leave. This will be a pleasant sight to your eyes and your taste buds. There is no charge to attend, but seating is limited. Sign up early!

Seminar 26
State President's Meeting
All state presidents or their designated representatives should attend this important meeting. This is your opportunity to ask questions and understand how the NTA and its affiliates operate.

Seminar 27
Children's Seminar-Painting Rocks
Instructor: Rick Kennair
Rick will be showing our children his creative methods for painting rocks. This is one activity every child will enjoy as there are numerous finishes they can create. (Sponsored by Bases by Rick)

Seminar 28
Mounting a Turkey
Instructor: Cally Morris
Among the top taxidermists in the country, Missouri taxidermist Cally Morris has made a name for himself by consistently producing outstanding turkeys. Year after year he has won top honors throughout the nation. Cally will teach you his unique methods on obtaining the proper positions and attitudes of these dynamic birds. See how he takes all of the mystery out of his difficult task so you can make your mounts more realistic. You will also learn the proper way to prepare a turkey head for freeze drying as this is the most accurate method of capturing this most difficult part of bird anatomy.

Seminar 29
Mounting a Wild Boar
Instructor: Dwayne "Bones" Johnson
Many people choose not to mount wild boar due to their difficulty and many problem areas. "Bones" will cover all of these problem areas and show you how easily a boar can be mounted. There will be emphasis on the difficulties associated with working on these coarse, longhaired animals including the jaw sets, noses and ears. His new methods and products make it seem so simple you will be excited about the prospect of mounting a wild boar. (Sponsored by Noonkester Supply)

Seminar 30
Instructor: Steve Steinbring
For many years Steve Steinbring and Newton Supplies have been working with innovative glues and adhesives in the field of woodworking and furniture. Reinventing a new formula for taxidermists and easy techniques to incorporate these into taxidermy is a successful goal that has been met. Covering all aspects in the world of adhesives, Steve will explain the use of these products and the simplest ways to incorporate them into your taxidermy work. (Sponsored by Newton Supply)

Seminar 31
Supplier's Meeting
This meeting is for all trade show supply companies to discuss how the NTA can better work with your needs to help make your company more profitable. We want to attract more people to the convention and your input is needed.

Seminar 32
Children's Seminar-Making a Southwest Kachina Decoration
Instructors: Mary Hilliard
Children age six and up will enjoy this fun seminar. Mary will be using beads, fur and feathers to create a work of art. Make plans to participate and make these beautiful Kachina decorations. Children attending the convention will have the opportunity to participate and enjoy this learning experience filled with fun. (Sponsored by Mary's Wholesale Rug Works)

Seminar 33
Computer A-Z
Instructor: Tom McNeal
Have you ever wondered if a computer was necessary in your taxidermy business? What type of program do I need to get started? Now you can talk to a computer whiz. Tom and Gail McNeal have designed a computer program that is taxidermy friendly. Many state associations currently use a similar program Tom & Gayle designed for tabulation during their state competitions. Tom will share tips and answer questions concerning computer programs for taxidermists.

Seminar 34
African Finish Work
Instructor: Bob Sanders
Just the mention of African game scares most taxidermists. They have heard about how hard the skins are to work with and their tendency to lose epidermis. Bob Sanders is employed with Jonas Brothers and will be sharing his knowledge of African game. He will be discussing paints and painting, clays, epoxies, and airbrush techniques on several different species. Bob will be finishing the African piece that he mounted in an earlier seminar, so bring your notebook and you can take notes on this seminar. (Sponsored by Jonas Supply)

Seminar 35
Instructor: James Edgar
When you hear the name James Edgar your first thought might be fleshing machines. But hold on, James not only makes various machines for the taxidermy industry, but he can really dazzle you with his knowledge of casting. You will become familiar with various molding compounds and techniques. James will discuss and demonstrate how to handle any of the various casting processes you've wanted to know about and how to tackle them. (Sponsored by Authentic Taxidermy Supply)

Seminar 36
Adult Seminar-Make it, Take it
Instructors: The Brummel Family
When you saw the children having so much fun last year, you asked for a seminar of your own. Well, here it is. Each participant will be furnished a bendable wire armature and various colors of AVES Apoxie Sculpt to create whatever their imagination will allow. Don't think you have any artistic ability? Come and let the Brummel family show you what you can do with a little guidance. From animals to flowers, to exotic alien beings, anything is a possibility! All clay and sculpting tools will be provided. (Sponsored by AVES Studio)

Seminar 37
Skinning, Mounting and Painting Fish
Instructor: Archie Phillips
Skinning, mounting and painting fish are simple when your name is Archie Phillips. Archie will be skinning and mounting several fish. Believe it or not -- he'll still have time to paint for you. Archie will introduce you to his style of painting. He will show the same techniques he uses in his own studio, which is the largest freshwater fish studio in the country. Archie also provides a large wholesale taxidermy business. If you're interested in seeing how a master does his job with a good, profitable way of skinning, mounting and painting your fish and not spending all day doing it, then this is the seminar for you. This is a must see! (Sponsored by Archie Phillips Supply)

Seminar 38
Children's Seminar-Making Felt Animals
Instructors: Mary Hilliard
Children age six and up will be making colorful felt animals. Pre-cut felt material will be sewn and stuffed to make felt animals. This should be a fun seminar that will captivate the imagination. (Sponsored by Mary's Wholesale Rug Works)

Seminar 39
Safari Club International
Official Measurers Course
Learn how to properly measure trophy game heads from around the world. Use this opportunity to benefit and promote your business. Sportsmen you have never met or may possibly never meet any other way will now be looking for you. With Safari Club having over 200 local chapters, and 41,000 members, many areas are in need of qualified individuals to properly measure the trophies their members take. With them needing your help in having their trophies measured for the record book, you will have the opportunity to show these sportsmen the type and quality of work you do. Don't miss this golden opportunity to add new clients and work to your studio. All in attendance will qualify as an "SCI Official Measurer. (Sponsored by Safari Club International)

Seminar 40
Instructor: Mike Sims
If you saw Mike's seminar on Thursday, don't worry -- there's MORE! Members have inquired about health insurance, business insurance and trophy insurance. Have we got insurance information for you? Mike will be glad to help you with your insurance questions and get you the information for the protection and security for your family's protection. Mike has worked hard to develop a program that affords members the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are prepared to deal with outside forces that can be the enemy of independent business people. If you missed his Thursday seminar he can still explain the insurance program he has for your business whether you're full or part time. (Sponsored by Mike Sims)

Seminar 41
Migratory Bird Laws
Instructor: Mike Oropallo
As a partner with the law firm of Hancock & Estabrook, as well as an avid duck hunter, Mike's experience has given him a clear and first hand knowledge of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. In this seminar Mike will explain the law and how it relates to the taxidermist and the hunter and provide you with some informative handouts. If you mount birds then this is one seminar that you won't want to miss!

Seminar 42
Casting Antlers
Instructor: Erich Carter
Erich has some of the best seminars you could ever attend. When convention attendees are exiting the room, they are shaking their heads in amazement at all they have learned. You will become familiar with various molding compounds and techniques. Erich will discuss and demonstrate how to handle a variety of casting processes you've wanted to know about and how to tackle them. He has some innovative and informative techniques he will be sharing with you for molding and casting antlers from A to Z. Don't miss one of the most talked about seminars of the year! (Sponsored by Research Mannikins)

Seminar 43
Mounting Mule Deer
Instructor: Dennis Behn
Among the top taxidermists in the country Dennis will be instructing this seminar on mounting mule deer. You will learn his techniques used to create some of the most beautiful mule deer ever mounted. In this seminar he will provide you with the how-to for producing a natural trophy mount where the deer's best features are highlighted to maximize its viewing effect. Dennis will explain the basics of properly setting eyes and ears in relationship to the overall attitude of the mount you are trying to recreate. He will help take the fear out of dealing with mule deer with his step-by-step instruction. Taking the mystery out of how to make a good trophy look great is what this seminar is all about. (Sponsored by McKenzie Supply Co.)

Seminar 44
Children's Seminar-Habitat and Bases
Instructor: Mark Wilson
Children age six and up will enjoy this seminar. Children will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on experience. Where else can you play in dirt and not get into trouble for getting dirty? Easy, in Columbia at a seminar on making bases, rocks and habitats. (Sponsored by Van Dykes Supply Co.)

Thank You!
A special thanks to James Edgar of Authentic Taxidermy Supply for providing all of the air compressors and mounting stands for use at the NTA convention. Stop by booths 706-709 for an up-close look at these great products.

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