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There are several current periodicals published exclusively for the taxidermy industry. These magazines are beneficial to full-time professional taxidermists, as well as those who have an interest in learning about the world of taxidermy. Because of their specialized nature, they are available only on a mail subscription basis (you won't find them on retail magazine racks). These magazines cover the latest in taxidermy technology, new products, associations and conventions, and feature many step-by-step articles explaining taxidermy procedures.

Breakthrough Magazine cover

Breakthrough Magazine
"The Magazine Devoted to the Serious Wildlife Artist," is published four times a year. Filled with informative articles, beautiful color photography, and illustrated step-by-step demonstrations of the latest in taxidermy technology, Breakthrough has the largest circulation of any taxidermy periodical. Each big issue features full color reference photos, the Breakthrough Gallery of Wildlife Art, fish painting schedules, schools and training directory, In-Depth Reference Studies, and instructional articles on all aspects of taxidermy, tanning, molding and casting, convention coverage, fish carving, and much more. At over 150 pages per issue, Breakthrough is a slick, colorful, professional publication that inspires as well as it informs. Breakthrough is also the sponsor of the World Taxidermy Championships and the World Fish Carving Championships. Larry Blomquist is the editor. Visit Breakthrough's web site by clicking here.

Subscription rates: $36.00 for one year (4 issues) or $68.00 for two years (8 issues).
Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted for subscriptions by e-mail or by phone at 1-800-783-7266. Payment for subscriptions and renewals may be mailed to Breakthrough Magazine, P. O. Box 2945, Hammond, LA 70404-2945. Inquiries may be made by calling (985) 345-7266 or by Fax at (985) 542-1831.

Taxidermy Today MagazineTaxidermy Today Magazine
Taxidermy Today
, "The Worldwide Authority On Taxidermy", is published six times a year. A "How To" trade journal for taxidermists, Taxidermy Today comes to you every other month and covers the entire wide spectrum of the taxidermy industry. Here's your chance to get the taxidermy know-how of the top pros through detailed step-by-step articles on mounting gameheads, birds, fish and animals, molding and casting techniques, painting schedules, reference studies, habitat construction, business and shop production -- plus all the sources of the newest products, tools, materials and services to get the job done efficiently with the highest quality. There is something for everyone, whether hobbyist or professional. Whether you are just wanting to get started in this fascinating area or you are a seasoned veteran, Taxidermy Today is perhaps the best taxidermy tool you will ever own. About 120 pages, brilliant full color throughout. Terry Ehrlich is the editor. Visit our web site where you can get a wealth of information by clicking here or on the magazine cover.

Subscription rates: $29.50 for 6 issues (1 year) or $57.00 for 12 issues (2 years). Outside the US: $49.00 (6 issues).
Visa and MasterCard accepted for subscriptions by e-mail or by phone at 1-800-851-7955. Payment for U.S. subscriptions and renewals may be made by check, money order or VISA or MasterCard and mailed to Taxidermy Today Magazine, 119 Gadsden Street, Chester, SC 29706. Telephone Credit Card Orders are Toll Free at 1-800-851-7955 or by Fax at (803) 581-2557. Outside U.S. may remit by Money Order, VISA or MasterCard. Or visit our web site by clicking here.

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