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Taxidermy publications fall into four categories; magazines or periodicals, books and manuals, booklets or home study courses, and instructional videotapes. These are described briefly below with links to more specific information.

Taxidermy MagazinesTaxidermy Magazines
There are several current periodicals published exclusively for the taxidermy industry. These magazines are beneficial to full-time professional taxidermists, as well as those who have an interest in learning about the world of taxidermy. Because of their specialized nature, they are available only on a mail subscription basis (you won't find them on retail magazine racks). These magazines cover the latest in taxidermy technology, new products, associations and conventions, and feature many step-by-step articles explaining taxidermy procedures. Click here for more information.

Taxidermy Manuals

Taxidermy Manuals
Over 2000 pages of in-depth taxidermy instruction is available in the Breakthrough Wildlife Artist Manual series. These twelve books contain everything you need to know to create world-class taxidermy. All step-by-step procedures are explained in easy-to-understand language with hundreds of clear photos and diagrams to guide you along. Breakthrough Manuals are written by the top experts in their field and are widely hailed as the most helpful and informative books ever published about taxidermy. Click here for more information.

Taxidemy Booklet CourseTaxidermy Booklet Course
An inexpensive way to get a start in learning taxidermy is via a beginner's home study course. The Serious Sportsman Taxidermy for Beginner's Course costs only $19.95, yet it contains fully illustrated instruction for everyting you need to know to get started in taxidermy. Seven booklets take you through 29 lessons. The easy-to-understand text is accompanied by over 800 photos and diagrams showing every step of each procedure. Thousands have gotten their start in taxidermy with these informative booklets. Click here for more information.

Taxidermy VideosTaxidermy Videotapes
Hundreds of hours of demonstrations are available through taxidermy instructional videotapes. Videotapes are offered for both beginning and advanced taxidermy techniques on a wide variety of taxidermy techniques. Most tapes are approximately two hours in length and cover one specific subject. Beginning taxidermists can learn with the Serious Sportsman Taxidermy for Beginners series of six two-hour videos covering a variety of subjects. Click here for more information.

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