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Beginners Video Course
This is a comprehensive 12-hour video taxidermy course, featuring easy-to-understand procedures developed especially for beginning taxidermy students. Join World Champion taxidermists Sallie Dahmes and Bob Elzner as they demonstrate each step-by-step taxidermy project.

The course begins showing the complete procedures for threee different types of deer foot novelty mounts, skull cleaning and preserving, an antler mount and a deer rump mount. During these projects, the basic principals of taxidermy are introduced. The second tape teaches about skinning and tanning, with complete step-by-step demonstrations of snake skinning and tanning as well as mammal skinning and tanning. In lessons three through six, the student advances into complete mounting projects including squirrel taxidermy, duck mounting, fish mounting and deer head mounting. In each lesson, the entire projectis presented from start to finish, with easy-to-understand instructions and sharp close-up photography.

The entire 12-hour course (all six DVDs) is now available for only $99.00. Or if you wish to order individually, choose any single lesson for only $19.95 each.

Deer Antler Mount, SkullLesson 1: Taxidermy Projects. With Sallie Dahmes and Bob Elzner: This introductory video familiarizes the novice with common taxidermy procedures as it helps to build confidence. Inculded are step-by-step demonstrations for six novelty projects; mounting a deer foot thermometer, a deer foot gun rack, a deer rump novelty mount, skull cleaning and preserving, and a deer antler mount. Item number DVD01.

Lesson 2: Skinning and Tanning. With Sallie Dahmes and Bob Elzner. The technology of tanning is revealed in this detailed explanation of modern tanning procedures. Join bob as he demonstrates skinning and fleshing a rattlesnake, tanning the skin, pinning, oiling, and finishing the snake skin on a double felt border. Also covered is the skinning procedure for a small mammal (raccoon), followed by salting, brine/pickle, tanning with Lutan F, oiling, breaking, and softening. For the final project on this video, a full deer hide is tanned for a rug. Item number DVD02.

Squirrel MountLesson 3: Mounting a Fox Squirrel. With Sallie Dahmes. World Champion taxidermist Sallie Dahmes is one of the best taxidermy instructors that we know of. In this long-awaited video, Sallie demonstrates the complete skinning procedure, fleshing and preserving the skin (with dry preservative), mannikin prep, mounting, sewing, grooming, and simple finishing procedures for beginners. If you want to start off on the right foot, then this DVD is an excellent place to begin. Item number DVD03.

Woodduck MountLesson 4: Mounting a Wood Duck. With Sallie Dahmes. Sallie Dahmes, author of Breakthrough Bird Taxidermy Manual introduces you to the facinating art of bird taxidermy with one of our most beautiful taxidermy subjects, the wood duck. Sallie demonstrates skinning, fleshing, dry preservative, mounting with a natural head, feather adjustment and grooming, and finishing with water-based paints. Item number DVD04.

Largemouth Bass MountLesson 5: Mounting a Largemouth Bass. With Bob Elzner. World Champion Bob Elzner (who is the only person who has one the National Taxidermists Association's Best All-Around Taxidermist Award for two consecutive years) shows how he skins, mounts and airbrush paints a largemouth bass wall mount. Along the way he explains fleshing, eye setting, fin carding, and fin backing. Item number DVD05.

Whitetail Deer Shoulder MountLesson 6: Mounting a Whitetail Deer. With Sallie Dahmes. This is undoubtedly the finest tape ever offered for the beginning taxidermy student. Top-rated instructor Sallie Dahmes presents the entire procedure from skinning the deer to finishing with waxes in this comprehensive video. If you ever wanted the learn "the right way" to create a beautiful shoulder mount deer, then you can't do any better than with this lesson. Sallie covers skinning out the head, fleshing, dry preservative, earliners, antler setting, sewing, eye sculpting, and much, much more! Item number DVD06.

Entire Course--All Six DVDs--12 Hours Total. With Sallie Dahmes and Bob Elzner. Join world champion taxidermist Sallie Dahmes and Bob Elzner as they demonstrate each step-by-step project. Includes all six videos listed above for a special low price. the entire 12-hour course (all six DVDs in a box set) is available for only $99.00. Item number DVD99.

Get all six of the DVDs listed above for one low price of $99.00 (plus shipping and handling). To order by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, call toll-free 1-800-279-7985. Ask for item number DVD99.

WASCO also offers many other videotapes showing advanced taxidermy techniques on a wide variety of subjects. Call toll-free 1-800-279-7985 to request a catalog,

American Institute of Taxidermy (Wisconsin)
4552 Hwy 51 North, Boulder Junction, WI 54512 -- 715-385-9146 or 1-800-853-9146
The American Institute of Taxidermy is located in beautiful Northern Wisconsin where you can enjoy excellent fishing and hunting while learning taxidermy. The schools objective is to prepare the student for a productive taxidermy career. We are committed to giving hands-on training and personal attention so that each student will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a qualified taxidermist. The courses will include related information such as detailed mounting instructions, game laws, shop equipment and layout, management, advertising, display techniques, customer relations, and practical business ethics. Click here for more information.

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