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  1. ayhunter
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  4. ayhunter
    Need mule deer cape 23 inch neck or bigger! Thanks!
    Thread by: ayhunter, Feb 10, 2011, 1 replies, in forum: Wanted
  5. ayhunter


    What is the best method to degrease a coon?
    Thread by: ayhunter, Jan 24, 2011, 3 replies, in forum: Lifesize Mammals
  6. ayhunter
  7. ayhunter


    Anyone know of a good tannery near loveland colorado?
    Thread by: ayhunter, Oct 18, 2010, 2 replies, in forum: Tanning
  8. ayhunter

    First duck

    First duck,anyone care to critique?
    Thread by: ayhunter, Mar 27, 2010, 9 replies, in forum: Bird Taxidermy
  9. ayhunter

    pitching in

    trying to find wood or duck pitching in pic!
    Thread by: ayhunter, Mar 4, 2010, 5 replies, in forum: Bird Taxidermy
  10. ayhunter
  11. ayhunter

    ear butts

    Are these ear butts too big?
    Thread by: ayhunter, Dec 4, 2009, 13 replies, in forum: Deer and Gameheads
  12. ayhunter
    Does the waddle need to be painted afterit is dry?
    Thread by: ayhunter, Aug 23, 2009, 14 replies, in forum: Bird Taxidermy
  13. ayhunter

    wood duck

    Looking for wood duck sitting in hole of tree reference!
    Thread by: ayhunter, Feb 28, 2009, 4 replies, in forum: Bird Taxidermy
  14. ayhunter
  15. ayhunter
  16. ayhunter
  17. ayhunter
  18. ayhunter
    I was hard up for taxidermy! ;D ;D ;D
    Thread by: ayhunter, Jun 25, 2008, 7 replies, in forum: Beginners
  19. ayhunter
    Howd I do?
    Thread by: ayhunter, Jun 13, 2008, 24 replies, in forum: Beginners
  20. ayhunter

    turkey feet

    How do I preserve turkey feet?
    Thread by: ayhunter, Jun 3, 2008, 2 replies, in forum: Bird Taxidermy