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Pro flesher guard adjustments are stiff..

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Amy, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Anyone else have problems turning the adjustment wheels on the Pro Flesher? I'm trying to adjust the left guard backwards so I can expose more blade. I loosen the bolt, then turn the adjustment wheel. At first they didn't want to turn at all, then I took a rag and gripped against them (so I wouldn't rip my finger skin off) and it moved a wee bit but barely. This machine is new, never been used (I know someone said that flesh and dirt can build up in them and made it hard to turn ... but that is obviously not what happened :) ) I heard such great things about this "micro adjustment" system and it looks like it would work great .. if I could get the adjustment wheels to turn freely.

    I know they shouldn't be this hard to turn!! I tried oiling them with some WD-40. Any suggestions? I'm wondering if they weren't deburred well and there might be something holding it up in there. If I can get it loose enough I'll try to take the whole adjustment system apart, so I can inspect it and oil it.
  2. ylwlabs

    ylwlabs New Member

    Amy; make sure that you are adjusting both top and bottom adjusters at the time, if you get one in or out farther than the other it will tend to want to bind up give that a try.

  3. Felpy

    Felpy New Member

    Had the same problem with our Pro. Like ylwlabs try and keep the top and bottoms adjustments even. The other thing that works is loosen the locks and then place a small allen wrench in the holes on the adjustment knobs and use it as a lever. You don't need to apply a great deal of force but those knobs will stick from time to time and can be tough to grip with wet slippery fingers.
  4. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Thanks guys, I don't know why that didn't occur to me. I was TOTALLY doing it wrong. My old flesher (Dakota IV) had a pivot type system for the guards. Pretty much I'd just tap it with a hammer to adjust it. I always had the left guard to where it showed more blade at the bottom, less at the top. Probably didn't even need to do that, but thats the way it was.

    I was twisting that bottom adjuster backwards, while leaving the top one in place. No wonder it was so bound up. I went and tried to get them even again. Still not silky-smooth adjustment, but much better. Using the allen wrench as leverage worked well too.

    Once I got those guards adjusted, I fleshed on it for the first time today. It worked great!! I did a 3/4 bear on it.. what a way to break it in! I fleshed it completely in 40 minutes. I don't know about ya'll, but I think that is making very good time. This was a bear with TONS of fat on it, inches thick. Thank goodness the Pro is so easy to clean because I sure did make a mess inside it .. not to mention around it, above it, and below! :D
  5. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    i have the standing model. i made a catch try for mine. it catches everything. all i have to do is empty it. as for the guards mine were rough at first then got easier. but as stated above adjust even and it is less of a problem. i have the bottom of my blade set for fine work and more blade exposed at top for thicker faster work. the Allen wrench is how i adjust mine. awesome machine.
  6. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    LOL Yes, Hudson, I noticed that in about the first ten seconds. Good thing I was wearing my old dirty jeans! I grabbed a piece of stiff cardboard and stapled it behind the blade as a temporary fix, but today I'm going to install a piece of plexiglass behind there. I couldn't believe the SPEED at which that stuff came shooting at me -- what a shock! :eek:
  7. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    sounds like you like your investment. how long would it have taken to do your bear on your Dakota 4
  8. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Yep, I am really liking it so far. I never did a bear on the Dakota 4 (this is my first bear) so I can't really say how long it would have taken. I can say, however, that I was taking about 30 minutes to flesh a deer cape. The bear probably would have taken me a couple hours
  9. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    did you do the face detail work on your Dakota 4. i do everything but split and turn on my pro. takes me around 40 mins to do a good job on the whole thing.
  10. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Yeah, I did the face work on the Dakota 4. If it was a large deer or one with a lot of meat, it would take me more like 45 minutes. I'm eager to see how fast I can do a deer cape with the Pro. The speed and size of the large machine scared me at first (I was afraid I was going to rip that bear to shreds) but because the guards could be adjusted so well, I didn't cut any holes.. I really was surprised.
  11. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    sounds like you got it handled. gota love the pro and its easy adjustments. i do hope it speeds things up for you, but if you were doing a deer in 45mins you were doing great anyway.