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Zinc Sulfate?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by ArtistcAnglerInc., Aug 27, 2008.

  1. ArtistcAnglerInc.

    ArtistcAnglerInc. New Member

    hey guys, I have been tanning my fish with a borax/zinc sulfate mixture for years. It seems like recently zinc sulfate has been disappearing from many supply catalogs. I really love the results for this particular tan, and the price per tan is really very cheap! I was just wondering if anyone else uses Zinc Sulfate in their tans, and if anyone knows of a good resource to buy zinc sulfate from?

    Also, are there any replacements for zinc sulfate? Will aluminum sulfate achieve similar results? Thanks for any and all feedback!
  2. I get mine at the feed store and it is a lot cheaper then the supply companies. Only draw back is it come in 50 pound bags.

  3. i get mine from WASCO.
    its real fine and disolves better than some of the others i have tried.
  4. I stARted using zinc sulphate about 4 years ago..my fish dry out whiter ,,,which I like,,
  5. Steve Betkoski

    Steve Betkoski Member

    Would you guys share your formulas ? Like to see how they compare. Thanks.
  6. i only use a tablespoon in about 5 gallons..(and a couple cups of borax) it really seems to leave the skin squeky clean...great for pike..
    some formulas call for alot more, and i know of a guy that uses 2 cups and can leave his fish in for months...
    i dont like to use very much as when you take out your fish skin to try it on and just put it back in the "tan" it will sometimes leave some white stuff on the skin where the skin comes in contact with the bottom of my plastic tan tub..its worse if there is alot of skins in the tub.. the white stuff DOES NOT COME OFF.. (and must be camo'ed in when painting)
    i have tried about EVERYTHING and nothing seems to do any thing.. so if i take a skin out and have some skins still in the tan i take them all out and mix up the tan real good then put the skins back in.. by mixing it up again i havent had any problems..
  7. I use 2 oz per gallon. I don't add any borax. I can leave thee fish in this forever I would think. Never had any spots yet.
  8. the fish tan i like to use is 3oz borax, 2oz glycerine,3oz zinc sulphate,1/4oz basacryl nb-ku per 5 quarts of water been using it for years and works great .