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Flesh All , Mini Flesher

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by drake, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. drake

    drake 101st ARMY AIRBORNE GULF WAR

    I need some advice, I am looking into a Mini Flesher, and I need to buy a air compressor, what size should I buy, with out buying one too big? Too big is just as bad as buying one to small. Thanks for all the help. [email protected]
  2. fesekula

    fesekula Active Member

    Drake, I have a mini flesher that I run with a 5 horse compresser that runs it to death. So I would not go any smaller then that. With the price of the air tool and the compresser you will be better off with one of van dykes low price Dakota flesher's. I use and enjoy both machines but the Dakota is faster and better for thinning the hide.

  3. drake

    drake 101st ARMY AIRBORNE GULF WAR

    Thanks, for the info, but I don't have alot of funds, and the mini flesher is alot cheaper, for now.
  4. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    i have the mini flesher. i t takes roughly 50-60# of continuous pressure. my compressor is also used for my air tools in my garage. i bought the flesher for the same reasons. not enough money to buy the bigger one. the mini is great compaired to the knife. i have just ordered a Dakota pro flesher, so I'm moving up. good luck
    [email protected]
  5. Jon S

    Jon S Well-Known Member

    I have a 3hp craftsman compressor, and yes it runs almost continuously when I am using the flesher. I guess it would wear it out quick if I used the flesher alot, but I don't so it has been OK for me. Any smaller though, I don't think the compressor could keep up with what the flesher needed.
  6. i use a mini-flesher and have a large sears compressor that works just fine - like a 5 gallon one - not sure would have to look - but either way - whole lot cheaper
  7. and besides large flesher will not air up the lawn mower tire when you need it to LOL - sorry had to
  8. shaneb

    shaneb Guest

    I also have a mini flesher, but at $200, with a minimum of a 5hp compressor$400. I just dont see how this is the cheap option. Trust me, buy dakota and never look back.
  9. Muthagoose

    Muthagoose You do your thing, I'll do mine.....

    I have both air and foredom..
    Totaly love the foredom..I use the 1/3 hp bench model..It does the job just fine without the noise or burn out with a air compressor. I can do a deer cape in about 20 minutes with ease...
    Got all the components off ebay and had the 44T handle turned down on a lathe to fit the fleshall head. Unlike a table flesher this one store out of the way///
    Did it for under $250............................
    You can buy Fleshall parts if you dont have the air models head to use..
    Wouldnt trade it for anything.. A fresh blade takes down even the toughest hide///