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average taxidermist income

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by tic, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Something George said in another thread got me wondering about this. I would like to know what the average income for a taxidermist is. I dont wany to know exactly how much. Thats none of my bsiness. I am just curious. I will tell you last year was my first year in my own shop, diong this part time, and I made about $9000 after paying the bills. I am just curious what the average is.
  2. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    $12,436.86 per year

  3. if thats all taxidermists made, I think there would be alot of skinny taxidermists!
  4. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Well hell, look at me. I look like one of those starving african kids :-\ , rice gut & all :'(
  5. copper

    copper Active Member

    Yea, If Michael and the Lil Mexican hadn't been adopted by that Nicaraguan kid, they would of never made it!
  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    There is no average. The more cows in the barn, the more milk you will get, but you have to do the milking to get it.

    correction made, oops.
  7. Bobbym1232

    Bobbym1232 New Member

    ??? :D ::) I thought he was into goats, not cows! lol Sorry couldn't resist.

    I would make more if I'd quit spending it all on capes and toys! But heck, what else am I working my tail off for? Might as well have some fun with it!
  8. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    ROFLMAO THAT Is so dang funny and also sooo true
  9. there are a lot of good taxi guys and gals making a good living from this. but as far as being a depenable steady income Well thats a hole nother subject . Im hopping to make 25-35,000.00 this season. Its my first year so im hopping for the best... mark c
  10. The great thing about it is, its the little bonus money you get from time to time. Right now its a hobby for me but next year its FULL TIME !
  11. 300savage

    300savage Life Is Good

    tic I believe what Mike posted is after ALL his bills and taxes are paid both buisness and personal. Thats pretty good after everything said and done.
  12. gab

    gab Active Member

    I'm in a town where there's about 20-30 guys working for big shops and the average,depending on hours worked ,is probably a gross of $41,000.guys that work weekends $60,000.some contract guys are making in the 80's but they usually have a few employees and tax issues
    Now if you're wondering what's expected for that money,it means putting out6- 8 QUALITY heads or their equivalent evry week.To give you an idea,and I hope they don't mind me using their names,it needs to be heads of a quality put out by Artwild,JP Baker,Rooster ,jerry huffaker,jet smith,etc.We are all getting 550-700 for a gamehead,so the quality has to be there.
  13. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I think the mine was around $14,000 net, but when you're making that amount you insure that you get rid of a lot of those zeros with deductions. The best I ever did was $30,000.
  14. 458okie

    458okie Jeff "458okie" W.

    That's why I don't give up my day job and keep taxidermy selective (customer's I choose) and part time. And I love it that way.
  15. stuffer3

    stuffer3 New Member

    last year I grossed 52,000 and if I sold everything in my show room along with that mmmm $80,000 and with customers that have waited 2 to 3 years to pick up their mounts well probably about $125,000. I hate sitting one them they screw up my universe.
  16. Team NWTF

    Team NWTF Life is short, serve GOD!

    Thats the reason I don't do taxidermy full, I gross 51,500 a year at my day job and do taxidermy on the side for fun and a little extra hunting money.
  17. Hell just ask ouor customers, many think we are making a killing!
  18. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Best thing to remember about the taxidermy "business", don't go into the industry in hopes to get rich, more than likely, it won't happen. I entered the industry for the art. Some how the bills have gotten paid over years though. And for the true artists, nothing will be more frustrating than turning out something that is truely art and barely scraping by when the guy(s) down the street and turning out "E.T." and they are getting more work than 10 guys can handle.
  19. bigrubs07

    bigrubs07 October 26,2007 148 gross P/Y points, 230lbs FD

    I net around 9,000 have a full time job, taxidermy is my play money, but I have to put long hours in for that play money, knowbody said life is going to be easy.
  20. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    I heard Harry Whitehead say one that the guys working for him make at least $60K.