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100 Mammal books for sale

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by newbirdman, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. newbirdman

    newbirdman Active Member

    In case you didnt see this in the for sale section.

    I'm in the process of listing about 130 books on Mammals on E bay now. I'll be finished listing Wednesday night. I have field guides , lots of books about pets and horses , general mammal books and scientific books for the biologists. Copy and paste any of these numbers on E bay and see all my nature books. Heres a few examples . Rick

    Click here: THE WORLD OF THE WHITE TAILED DEER - eBay (item 170259935592 end time Sep-14-08 17:27:32 PDT)

    Click here: THE WOLF : The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Sp - eBay (item 170260268448 end time Sep-15-08 16:58:58 PDT)

    Click here: ILLUSTRATED KEY TO SKINS AND SKULLS OF BATS - eBay (item 350096755654 end time Sep-15-08 16:53:19 PDT)

    Click here: SPORTSMAN'S GUIDE TO BIG GAME ANIMALS - eBay (item 350096450574 end time Sep-14-08 17:30:09 PDT)

    Click here: DOG OWNERS HOME VETERINARY HANDBOOK - eBay (item 170260264103 end time Sep-15-08 16:34:58 PDT)

    Click here: Bears of the World by Mark Newman, Terry Domico (1988) - eBay (item 170260263960 end time Sep-15-08 16:34:11 PDT)

    Click here: DEER IN THEIR WORLD ( 260+ PHOTOS ) - eBay (item 350096750962 end time Sep-15-08 16:32:08 PDT)

    Click here: LOT # 3 TWO BOOKS ON GUINEA PIGS , NEW - eBay (item 170260262182 end time Sep-15-08 16:26:03 PDT)

    Click here: LOT # 8 TWO BOOKS ON HAMSTERS - eBay (item 170260262530 end time Sep-15-08 16:27:37 PDT)

    Click here: Points of the Horse by Matthew Horace Hayes (1969) - eBay (item 170259937786 end time Sep-14-08 17:37:00 PDT)

    Click here: WHALES , DOLPHINS AND PORPOISES ( field guide ) - eBay (item 350096452218 end time Sep-14-08 17:34:28 PDT)

    Click here: Population dynamics of the red fox in Wisconsin , NEW - eBay (item 350096751690 end time Sep-15-08 16:35:32 PDT)

    Click here: MAMMALS OF THE NORTHERN ROCKIES , FIELD GUIDE - eBay (item 170259939713 end time Sep-14-08 17:43:51 PDT)

    Click here: CRANIOFACIAL MORPHOLOGY OF SULAWESI MACAQUES - eBay (item 170260268057 end time Sep-15-08 16:56:31 PDT)
  2. newbirdman

    newbirdman Active Member

    You only have one more day until they start to end so check them out . They will start to end Sunday the 14th through Wednesday .