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Use of tanning oilo

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by whitetail8, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. I am going to be mounting my first whitetail deer. I am using Krowtann and was wondering after the tanning is done do I need to use a tanning oil? after that should I need to stretch the hide or go directly to mounting it? Thanks
  2. JLong

    JLong Member

    All I know is what I have read, rough flesh ,soak 3 to 4 days is Krowtann,final flesh,neutralize and mount. I think what you mean is a softening oil which is used to soften a dry tanned hide for a rug or throw which is not really necessary in a deer mount. I always prestretch my hides before I mount. Keeps me from throwing things in my shop, if you know what I mean.

  3. Thanks, Brian
  4. Oiling is a must for any tanned skin. If the skin is not oiled it will dry out and become brittle. Especially on a mount.
  5. Larry B

    Larry B New Member

    Just as J Brown says, oil them all.
  6. Randy Mac

    Randy Mac New Member

    I would use tanning oil #1 fold up over night and mount it the next day.
  7. Thanks for the tips. Brian
  8. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    Im not that famaliar with Krowtan, but my guess, is,it already has a fat-liquor(a water-soluible oill), which means, for a shoulder mount, you shouldnt need to oil anymore. The color of the product, seem to indicate this. When this product is made, I am sure they took into account, the charge of the tanning agents, and added a compatable fat liquor, to the product. Just a guess though.
  9. Had a friend used it without oiling the skin and the skin dried up really bad and shrunk horribly.
  10. This is why I like this forum,You can work out all of your first mistakes before even making them. Thanks to everyone for the comments,Brian
  11. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    how about listiening to somone who actually uses it instead of what someone has heard - i use kt exclusively on everything - the ONLY time i ever oil for mounting is when i need extra stretch - this happens about 10% of the time - other than that i NEVER OIL - read the instructions
  12. You are correct, I have never used and never will based on what my friend experienced with it. He hated it and threw it away. Also, it is also best to be safe than sorry. I would be interested in seeing some KT mounts in 10 years to see how they look.
  13. Why wait ten years-- http://tdavistaxidermy.com/
  14. I was just making a statement that I would like to see them after a few years of drying out and coming apart.
  15. Been using KT for a few years now with no extra oiling for mounts and everything is fine, no drying or cracking yet. I have seen some of Brian's oldest mounts when he was making and testing the tan and they still look great.