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velvet antler repair help!!!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by skullmaster, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. skullmaster

    skullmaster New Member

    Does anybody know of a kit to repair damaged velvet antlers or a technique on how to fix damaged velvet antlers? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

    skullmaster thanks you for your time
  2. You would be hard pressed to match the original, you will probably need to strip it and use artificial

  3. What is a good artifical to use and who supplies it I have a set of Muleys with tatters of velvet on it.
  4. I dont know if this would work for really bad antlers..but I have shot brown flock on spots before..Van Dykes has brown flock,,good luck
  5. O found the brown flock in the catalog...how do you "shoot" it on the antlers?
  6. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    You will need a flocking gun, Van Dykes sells them I think.
  7. vAN dYKES OR Hardware store,,,a rose duster??shoots pesticide dust..on rose bushes
  8. we have used artificial fur (silvery-gray) from Hobby lobby to blend in road rash on a couple road kill velvet bucks before. You just need to trim the hair to match after you glue it on and then blend the hair in with a toothbrush.