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Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Henry J., Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Henry J.

    Henry J. New Member

  2. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    :eek: Nice Deer! Think I'd fall out of my treestand if I saw him.

  3. wow now that is a deer lol
  4. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    2 yrs. old? wow
  5. OMG!
  6. nice deer. . i like buckey .. but i reallly dont like cactus heads .. but id shoot him anyday
  7. YukonBlue

    YukonBlue New Member

    Fun to watch, but what's the point... I guess money because I am sure all of those "hunters" forked over some coin to "hunt" them. I kinda felt bad for the deer having to lug around those stumps atop their heads all day long. Cripes, they aren't even afraid of people for crying out loud!!! It's sad that instant gratification preserve hunting is more the norm when you see a Realtree or Drury video anymore. Hats off to the folks who pay their dues by learning how to scout and place stands to get their deer as opposed handing over a check to be let through the 12 foot fenced enclosure where the deer are.
  8. B2L

    B2L New Member

    wowser... genetics are a wonderous thing!!!!! Thanks for sharing
  9. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    They sell the semen in straws not the actual bucks to be killed, though I suppose some do get sold to hunting ranches but Im sure they arent cheap.... I like Sudden Impact..