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gator problem need help

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by saugman1, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. saugman1

    saugman1 New Member

    Took in two gators 7ft and 8ft both where skinned when i received them. I put them in the freezer, long story short I was away for a week and the freezer went out. I moved one to another freezer and power washed the other to flesh it. what meat was on the hide had not started to turn green but on the top of the head there was two spots inch by inch or so that were rotted. also alot of the scales seemed to slip around the legs and the tail area. I fleshed and pickled. i got scared and put it in krowtann because it was the only tan i had in the shop. Can this still be mounted and salvaged? do i just paint the scale loss areas? please any advice help would be very helpful. thanks cory
  2. vert

    vert New Member

    yeah just paint the missing scales back on matt black is the go than when you varnish it should match the others I wouldn,t give up yet

  3. Please DO NOT power wash gators. Alligators out skin is waterprtoof unlike futred animals. When you power wash a gator, you are forcing the water through the meat and in between the out layers of covering. this is shwen you get great scale loss on the tail and back scutes. It does not work on gators, but does leave you enormous amounts of areas to repair. Just flesh it by hand, taking an easy route is why you are having problems well before the freezer problem. Next time you get scared just salt the hell out of it till you get the froper pickling agent and tan. And FYI, there is no BLACK on an alligator. It is a fast way to try and hide repairs but the color does not occur in nature on an alligator. It is amix of browns greens and blacks that give the back area its color shade.
  4. wow..dont pressure wash gators,,i know you are the leading athority on this s ubject..but i object to that statement..you just need to make sure your nozzle is pointed in the right direction,,down almost flat going with the direction of the scales..works for me anyway,,
  5. Al, please take no offense, I should have said dont use them if you dont know how to use them. Too many people take the easy way out and use a pressure washer to flesh em, and it just forces waterinto the skin and under the scutes and that is why they have such great scute loss in thetail section. it gets inbetween the layers along the ridge center line and blows them out sort of like blowing out a deer ear, the water has no plasce to go , so it busts out. If used horizontally as you steted, then the problem is lessened, its when you point them at only a 45 degree angle, and try to magically make the meat dissappear, then you have a problem.
  6. ii KNOW exactly what you mean,,,and beleive me..I learned it the hard way,,nobody told me...I also meant no disresect,,as I think your work is totally awesome,,
  7. Thanks al, it is appreciated
  8. saugman1

    saugman1 New Member

    thanks all for the replys I only pressure washed it to speed up the fleshing to get it tanned right away. when i seen the scale loss i was afraid fleshing by hand would be abit long and rough on the remaining scales. I also thought the skin would further deteriorate under salt before it would dry it out. i have not had a chance to mess with it since the post but i will let you all now how it comes out thanks for the help