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Need help after freezer thawed out

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by WRBH, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. WRBH

    WRBH My 10pt

    I posted something about this on the current events. Last Monday Sept 29th, the Landlord had the Electrician rewire our house. The old wiring in the house was done haphazardly, and was a fire trap. They discovered it because since we have moved in here, the older stove here wouldn't work right.Only the front burner would heat up, and then slowly and would take 45 minutes to heat up enough to boil water, had to put a lid on it to even get it to do that. Landlord brought over 3 separate stoves, which he all checked at his place and were working. Here they wouldn't heat up at all. Finally he checked out the outlet, and even those it was a 220, was only putting out 110. Turns out wiring was messed up throughout the entire house. Which explained the $350.00 plus electric bills we've been getting since June. The 220 the ac was plugged into was the same way, ac was doing twice the work, with half the results. The Electrician started at 7:0am, and worked strait thr with no breaks. We were without power almost all day.
    I should have guessed there was going to be a problem. The corner my freezer was plugged into, was the same one the AC was. and He had to fight an extra half an hour to get that outlet working. Said we couldn't figure out how it was even running, the wires that connected it to the outlet were physically burned. Well he rewired and it and got it running, and by that point was so tired he went home.
    Well after a already real crappy week that involved some health problems, and a botched haircut that left me with my hair no longer down to my shoulders, by so short the longest strand is am inchand a half. Friday evening I went into the freezer to get a whole red fox I had to measure, reached in and felt a wet, completely thawed out snake. Wasn't even cool, it was warm. Whenever thing was said and done only things that MIGHT have survived was the 4 animals I had left whole ( a coyote pup, tricolored goat kid, Red Fox, and small Bobcat) and a few things I have Liqua-Tanned. I lost almost every thing I had, including my first Bobcat and Grey Fox. As well as my pride and joy, that Fox squirrel with a black underside. I checked everything, all were slipping bad. Also lost all of the deer meat and frozen food we have been using to live on.
    I immediately had a friend get everything that might be salvageable (won't know about the 4 whole ones until I tan them, thy were thawed and cool on the outside, but still slightly frozen in the middle) and put them in his deep freeze. Cleaned ours out and sat afternoon bring them all back. My plan is to skin the 4 whole oes and go ahead and tan them so I know for sure what I have left.
    Now for my question, to try and minimize the damage what is the best way to thaw out the whole ones, so I can skin them and see what is okay?? Not sure if I should put them in the fridge, or what. Any help would be appreciated, and thank you.
    Oh, and a few wonderfull members on here have stepped forward and offered to send me some hides to replace the ones I lost because I lost all of my squirrels, muskrats, packrats (for use as prey), minks, coyotes, foxes ( except the whole one) and Bobcats. I've been trapping, or buying them for 2 yrs so had quite a bit. Oh there was two spike size buck capes that I am hoping might have made it. They were a gift, which I loved because both of my bucks are youngins.
    I also have Stop Slip, and another one like it, would it help to use them on the whole ones??
    Thanks again for any ideas!! And please keep me in your prayers.
  2. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    I'm surprised the a/c was working at all. Our a/c had a breaker thing in the plug, plugged it into improperly wired 220 (was only getting 110) it tripped and could not be reset, messed up sommething in it, had to get a new cord and of course wire the outlet right.

    As for the animals, get some Stop Rot and apply as they thaw and you skin.

  3. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I would think the land lord would be responsible for some or most or even all your lost property. Hold him to it.
    The stop slip is a bandaid you use after things are mounted up, it dries to a light crusty glue, that holds loose hair, that is basically all it does. It does have some mild bactericide properties I think.
  4. WRBH

    WRBH My 10pt

    The only thing the Landlord offered to do, was loan us back 100.00, part of our rent. So we can buy some food because that was all we had, and didn't have money to buy any more. Told us we can pay it back to him next month.
    I agree, think he should be least somewhat responsible, but so far all he has done is appoligize. As for holding him to it, there really is nothing I can do. Can't afford a lawyer, and wouldn't risk losing this place we live in any ways. We have chickens and things here, we might not be able to kep if we move any where else. Also is a trapping and hunting paradise since this house sits on 30 acres of land, and part of that is half of a creek. I'm the only one with permission to hunt and trap it, so this place is perfect for me.