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Wow, what a reminder it's deer season!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by michael p., Oct 6, 2008.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Bummer Sandy. Hope all is well.

    But DO NOT count on the bullseye ring. Many of those strains DO NOT CREATE A BULLSEYE. Everyone should get an annual physical (whether you think you can afford one or not. If you can't "afford" a physical, how are you ever going to pay for a hospital stay?") and during that physical, have them run the Lyme's blood tests panel.
  2. strutinh

    strutinh Member

    George, so there is nothing you can do/take,get a shot etc,??? to help prevent Lyme, I was just talking about this yest, as I was watching them little suckers crawl around my salt table from a moose I just got in,

  3. adamstaxidermy

    adamstaxidermy New Member

    George, I've been on here for seven years and you haven't changed abit. PLEASE DON'T!!! You are always a wealth of good information on so many things that effect us. Sometimes, the most important information a taxidermist can get goes way beyond what " the best eye set for a whitetail is". Thank you again for the insight you share daily.
  4. TomCat

    TomCat Tommy B. <(((><

    you don't get to be his age by being dumb stupid has consequences ;)
  5. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Tom, I wish that were true. Even I know someone should've killed me decades ago and probably missed a golden opportunity. Stupid should hurt, but it's definitely not fatal.

    Strutinh, sorry, there's no magic elixir. The "vaccine" they came up years back was proven to be totally ineffectual. They are currently trying to modify a serum that seemed to work well on dogs, but a conversation with a vet just a few days ago indicated that it's not going well for dogs long term either.

    The BEST advice I can give all of you is to go to WalMart into the garden section and look for "Eliminator" insect spray. It is a diluted concentration of permethrin. Permethrin kills ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, CHIGGERS on contact. Take your hunting clothes outside and spray them down heavily with the Eliminator and let dry. The permethrin stays viable for up to 3 washings. In your shop, designate an area you have customers drop their hides off. I put down a pair of those blue plastic tarps, one on top of the other. I spray those tarps heavily with Eliminator and every deer coming through the door gets set on that tarp. Then I mist the hides with Eliminator. I try to let them set for an hour or so. Trust me, when you go to work on them, what ticks that remain alive aren't doing hopscotch. I wear an apron treated with permethrin and I try to wear just a T-shirt when I'm working a deer so that I can feel any alien suckers crawling up my arms. The work table has also been treated so I no longer lay my bologna sandwich on it while I"m eating either.
  6. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    Thank you so very much for all the info George, You are a great asset to this site.
  7. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    That is probaby the cheaper way to go. I had one come in two years ago that had the antlers covered in ticks looking for a place to go. I sprayed it with the Ortho Home Defense and they were dead in minutes. I have started hitting each one quick with it and it works well. There is a taxidermist near me with permanent problems affiliated with lyme disease.
  8. Jerry C

    Jerry C a good liberal is hard to find

    Thanks, George, for the info on Eliminator. I have tried freezing the capes and after 4 days in the freezer, I've seen ticks on them still alive. Moving slowly for sure, but alive. I will head to Wal-Mart today.
  9. strutinh

    strutinh Member

    thanks Goerge !! saved me time calling around, Scott
  10. jmcole3

    jmcole3 New Member

    After 2 weeks of an abnormal heart rythm, chest pains and shortness of breath I have been wearing a heart monitor to evaluate my abnormal rythms. Today I get a call from my doctor who says my Lyme's test is positive. I never had the bullseye ring rash. I think the tick bite came after putting up a deer stand in September, because a few weeks later is when I started noticing symptoms. I guess it is time for antibiotics. I just wanted to pass my experience along to others. I thought I had heart disease at 37 with the faint feelings from the arrythmias. I guess I will take this over heart disease.
  11. Thanks for the info George but can we please get back to the issue at hand........ Young Hottie Pics?????
  12. I am positive as well with Lyme. It is better described as a "Tick borne illness" due to the many coinfections such as Bartonella, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichia, just to name a few. I've had symptoms since 1999, but definitely had a "dirty" bite in spring of 2006 from a damned Texas buck, quickly sending my health spiraling. It is a VERY complicated disease, and treatment is controversial, political, and still experimental -- at best. I'm 80-90% most days after 2 1/2 years of treatment, so that is a plus. Spray those capes down with whatever you can, freeze them, and check yourself often. Here is a link for a wealth of information if you suspect symptoms, wich range the entire spectrum. This bacteria gets EVERYTHING!!!!!


    Would be very curious to see how many taxidermists have the disease or symptoms.
    Would rather see some pictures of some hotties though!!!

  13. sorry boys, she doesn't want her pic on the internet. I will tell you she modeled her Halloween costume for me last night...naughty nurse is the name of it. OMG, I danged near needed a real nurse. She needed to borrow a stethoscope from my medic bag and I told her she had to listen to my heart. She said why is it pounding so hard? I said you mean my heart? Let me tell you, a stethoscope hurts when you are smacked along side the head. LOL