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Dan Rinharts School of Taxidermy

Discussion in 'Training' started by Coonhunter08, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Coonhunter08

    Coonhunter08 New Member

    Has anyone ever gone to Dan Rineharts School of Taxidermy and if so, was it worth going?
  2. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    I only know one person who has went there, and all i can say is "man" the methods inwhich he described them doing some things seemed really outdated to me, i went to a different school, and prefer the way i was taught, when i showed him how i was taught, he agreed there are easier ways. But i have said all that to say this, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and you will learn one way there. good luck with your decision.

  3. Jason Fessenden

    Jason Fessenden My Little Princess

    my gf lives 10 mins from there Ive never gone, but I have heard mixed feeling about it.. They either liked it or not, really havent heard an In between
  4. Coonhunter08, I spent 2 weeks in Dan Rinehart's school. I can say that Dan is a really nice man, but you are in a classroom with up to 18 people. There is no one-on-one training. It's a watch him, go back to your station and do as you saw. I would advise you to save your money and take a one-on-one class with someone that can take their time with you. I've got in a pissing match with Dan, because I thougt his class was to fast and did not cover everything that you would need to know. I made him turn red in the face and his eyes pop out...LOL...because I did not like the fast pace that he tries to cover with. Find someone to take you into their shop and spend time with you. Your money will be better spent. I didn't know at the time, but I wouldn't do it again. But again, Dan is a nice person out of the classroom. So, I would say "No".
  5. sid

    sid New Member

    try www.secondcreation.com Its in kansas city kansas there is 1 to 5 people in the class 913-422-3111
  6. duff83

    duff83 what i have in my heart, ill take to my grave

    i went to school w/ a guy who attended Reinhardt school before the one we met at. he said dans school was the biggest waste of his time an money... they guy showed them how to do stuff, sent em back to their stations and never came around to see any work done. there was 22 people in his class and they didnt even flesh or turn thir capes... they where pre turned and fleshed... and after they where complete, he sent them home w/ their mounts UNPAINTED and told them ok, in two weeks paint em when they are dry. said it felt like a big infomercial for all of his products, w/ a small taxidermy demo worked in. if ya want the kids number, ill give it to ya and he can tell you more.

    and another thing, look at the guys supplies... thy look like crap! they dont look anything like the animal they are supposed to represent. i try my hardest to avoid anything dan Reinhardt... hes just in it to make money off of us. no thanks.

    like it was already stated, find a one on one school! the school i went to showed out dated methods yes, but i got a base earning and understanding of the buisness and a very personalized 5 months of training... and at any given time there where only me and 2 other students in that 5 months. on top of it, i made new friends an my teacher is now one of my good friends and mentors. my experience one on one w/ hi doing taxy work was invaluable. good luck o you.
  7. Russ is talking about me and it was OK for the basic but one thing u have to think about is that he teaches u on his pre set eyes and it has been kinda hard for me to make that jump i have mounted 8 deer with eyes i have set and still learning just glad i work with Russ he is a good guy who has taken the time to work with me. i still like the fish things i learned my painting is good just need to let the dry better they rush u thur and most of my fish didn't dry good and look like shit i have been out of his school a year now and have learn as much from Russ in one weekend as i did the whole time i was there mounting a deer
  8. tviper56

    tviper56 Active Member

    I agree with Sid. If you can leave town for a while it is well worth the time and investment. I am taking a bird class from Cindy right now. Great one on one and the best quality I have found. If you are serious you can't go wrong.
  9. dhart

    dhart Active Member

    You learn the basics well, the rest is up to you, use your creativity and imagination!
  10. Wegner

    Wegner New Member

    Wegner's School of Taxidermy

    Wegner;s School of Taxidermy holds small classes 1-5 students. Most of time it is one on one. Scheduling is based on what fits for your schedule. Very flexible on scheduling. Milton Wis. 30 min. So. of Madison Wis. E.A.B approved. 608-868-4022 wegnersschooloftaxdermy.com
  11. Bighunter4x4

    Bighunter4x4 Member

    Re: Dan Rineharts School of Taxidermy

    I must agree, all of the above was very similar to our class as well. What I thought was self centered is most instructors want feedback. I dont think any feedback would be welcomed at all. I was handicapped to his preset eye mannikins as well and since spending some time and money with my local taxidermist association I have been more comfortable setting eyes. Now I look at his mannikins and you cant put any emotion into his mounts. I guess it depends on where you want to be with taxidermy but I think the 21.95 plus shipping spent on Rick Carters whitetail A to Z from WASCO was and is far beneficial to my personal use than Dan Rineharts class. Not to mention the hotel, time off of work, and gas too and from. Live and learn.
  12. dhart what are u talking about i was just saying i thought what we learned was a waste of time. it has nothing to do with creativity and imagination. hell u learn either up there at his classes and to spend the money we did was a big waste.
  13. dhart

    dhart Active Member

    I just said, you learn the basics of taxidermy, nothing more. Once you leave, its up to you to raise the bar, get creative and become a taxidermist! Waste of money? Thats a individual opinion, for you it may have been, for me, I took came away with what I wanted.
  14. OK all i am saying is i have learned more going to shows then school,
  15. dhart

    dhart Active Member

    I hear ya, I have learned more at shows and watching great taxidermist's doing there work than any school could have taught me..you look, you see, you learn.
  16. yeah your right
  17. Pepperbd

    Pepperbd New Member

    I went, and I could have spent 29.99 on a good DVD to learn everything I learned from him. I got as much feedback from Dan as I would have a DVD. I dont regret going because I finally got my feet wet in Taxidermy, but I have discarded 99% of what he taught me for better methods. I mean he had us putting sawdust on the mounts so that the glue would stick. I think they stopped doing that in the 70's. He did offer to sell us twenty pound bags of his special sawdust mix for the forms though... The whole class seems to be one big sales pitch for items that he sold. I have heard it said by a few people and I will repeat it here for you, "Dan is a business man first, and a taxidermist second."
  18. duff83

    duff83 what i have in my heart, ill take to my grave

    exactly what my class mate said about his experience there... the guys an idiot.
  19. Well I have to say that I went to the "american institute of taxidermy" witch is taught by his brother Dennis. Don't get me wrong, I loved Dennis he was easy to talk to, but it was the same exact way. Assembly line training.
    Dennis made no bones about it though. He told me over the phone how many were going to be there, and that he would be introducing me to taxidermy. He said "Basic skills". So he's not a lier, cause that's all I got.
    I askes in his class about tucking an eye, he kinda glared at me and said that's just not the way I do it, I know how yes, but that's not how I do it. And never gave it another thaught, turned around and went on with instruction...LOL...God love him.
  20. dennis is dan's uncle and his mount's look like to. and yes all u are going to get is the basic's and nothing else learned more for russ v.o.w.t. who i work with now in a weekend the his students learn in a week.and trust me i still have a lot to learn.