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Bird of the Week #41, year 2

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by wigeon whacker, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. we still have to keep this going while taxi lovers not here guys ;)
    heres a can that FINALLY dried out took about 3 or 4 weeks :eek:
    ready for paint and a base
  2. here is one i did a little while back.

  3. bottom bumper

    bottom bumper New Member

    nice job i like the water seep up the log...its the little things that make a big differance.
  4. Here's one...

  5. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    Dang folks whats the deal, only 3 posts so far and were already into Wed, whats everyone doing. Your gonna make JP feel guilty for not being here :D. Here its not finished but Ill throw one up. This is what RDA refers to the Pin Feathercus Maximus :D


    Good birds so far Atwateer, WW and Eric
  6. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    Here is his distant cousin Pin Feathercus Aplentycus

  7. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member


    heres another PINFEATHERCUS MAXIMUS!! ;D
  8. Glass eye

    Glass eye Active Member

    Here's #2 of 4. I plan on putting 2 mourning doves on the other branch.

    NWWINGS Member

    Good looking birds so far. I've been buried in wholesale catch up work. Then there is that "waterfowl season is open now" distraction. Here is a wholesale greenhead in process...

  10. featherworks

    featherworks New Member

    Great birds so far. Here are a few that were done friday and monday





  11. txoutdoors

    txoutdoors Active Member

    Impressive work Featherworks!!!
  12. I like the drake mallards head posture
  13. daniel

    daniel New Member

    nice birds so far ;D daniel
  14. Rick RR GBirds

    Rick RR GBirds Let's go kill some birds...I'm psyched!

    Phill, you always make me feal so damn lazy...I've also got that hunting season distraction going on as well...Nice work Featherworks...LOVE the Mally!
  15. hobbes

    hobbes Member

    Love the greenhead Featherworks!
  16. mantis

    mantis New Member

    not done but anyway

  17. igor

    igor Member

    Very nice work, guys. Featherworks, I love your spoony :)
    Here is my "dilution".
  18. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    hey featherworks your hoody is awesome. one of the best ive seen. great job man.
  19. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    nice "boids" folks!! :eek: :eek: Igor,,, those make me luagh every time ive seen one!!!! ;D ;D Good job !! Those and burrowing owls,, kinda remind me of BOBBLE HEADS!! ;D ;D
  20. phil, nice work man.probably the BEST ive seen you do.stay at it........