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My soon to be mounted skunk...

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by elkhunter1313, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Here is a picture of a skunk I got...washed it (pre-skinning) It is now skinned and tanned with krow-tann and drying on my porch...I wonder if i shouldn't Borax it while it is drying? Would that hurt the skin/hair while drying? I know it is good to keep the flies and bugs away.
  2. KevinH

    KevinH Active Member

    I dont know about the borax deal, but I would like to see a picture once its down. What pose are you doing it in?

  3. Dean

    Dean New Member

    why dry it, bag it and freeze it. You said it was tanned already. It 's ready to mount isn't it ?. I would keep it baaged up in the freezer.When the form comes in, pull it the night before and mount in the morning. Borax won't hurt anything but isn't needed.
  4. I think i might do it in a "sitting up" pose...i like to do mounts with personality....alot of great mounts are great work but lack personality...action poses and mounts are my favorites
  5. Do not let the hide dry out and don't use borax. You already tanned the hide. As suggested above, put the hide in a plastic bag and put in the freezer until you are ready to mount him up. :)
  6. done deal...got it bagged tagged and in the freezer...may stay until i move...I am looking at forms for it now...i may have to do it soon as it still has a small bit of stink on it...Febreeze anyone?
  7. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    use hide sheen to remove sme;ll - just work it into hair
  8. Febreeze works great. I have a big bottle in my shop and use it all the time even on stubborn smells other chemicals don't seem to work on. :)
  9. Yep frebreeze it is...went to Sam's Club and bought enough to choke an industrial factory...lol...all for one skunk...seriously, the little bugger stunk up my freezer...
  10. fursupplier

    fursupplier Guest

    Use the skunk odor remover recipe. It goes something like this, a quart of 3% peroxide, a tbsp of Dawn Original dish soap, 8 ounces of baking soda, and a little water. Swish it around in this in a bucket and the smell will have been oxidized completely out of the hide within 10 minutes. Don't leave the pelt in this for too long because it will start to 'redden up' the black. It does take some yellow out of the white though. Very good stuff, and cheap too!
  11. Dean

    Dean New Member

    My son uses that recipe on skunks after he traps them and just before skinning. He had one that had sprayed, I put my nose up to one after he put it in the solution and I could smell nothing. The stuff works. Just to let you know. A frozen skunk smells worst when frozen than when it's thawed out. That's why skunk is used for a long range lure in the winter for trapping.
  12. Wolf

    Wolf AHOOoooooo!

    I can't smell skunk and I've worked with the worst. Smells like garlic when I do catch a whiff, my mother thinks I'm insane!

    Anyway, I have a skunk that was in a walk-in freezer in a museum for 12 years. In that time the freezer broke down and thawed out a number of times. Once it even went in reverse and started cooking... up to 100 degrees I have been told. The skunk began stinking up the freezer with skunk essence whenever it raised above 40 degrees. After 2 years I have finally gotten it mostly de-odorized in the freezer (at least the CEO is happy) with baking soda and re-bagging all the specimens in clean bags.

    The skunk itself I was determined to mount. After removing the 15 bags that it was wrapped in, I realized I had a roadkill specimen,fun stuff! First he got soaked in an acetone bath while he thawed to prevent slippage and to start de-skunking as he was permeated with the smell. Next before skinning he got a bath with dawn soap. My father decided to dump a can of tomato juice of the skin while I was disposing of the body... I don't think it helped any, lol. The skin got another bath in a homemade mix mentioned above, another soak in acetone before and after fleshing, and a second bath in the homemade stuff. Then I tanned him as usual with an extra bath after degreasing. Needless to say he was still turning noses after all that.
    He got mounted as usual and still was odorous after the mount had completely dried, though it wasn't as bad a smell. The smell was in the fur, not the leather. I febreezed him, washed him, and deodorized him a dozen more times... and finally got the smell to go away. If he sits in the heat, you can get the faint hint of skunk, but that is it. Boy what a joy he was to get done. In all that this poor dead animal went through, I didn't have one bit of trouble with slippage or damage to the dermis. After this guy I bet any skunk with be a walk in the park, lol. Good luck with your skunk Elkhunter!