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fishing photos

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by solway, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Would be nice to get this page a sticky to the top of the forum. Here's some recent fish pictures....starting with different black bass....

    Lake Ockeechobee Florida Bass.....micropterus floridanus:


    Colorado River, Texas Largemouth (Northern) Bass....micropterus salmoides:


    From Table Rock Lake, Missouri a Spotted (Kentucky) Bass.....micropterus punctulatus:


    St. Lawrence River, west of Montreal, Smallmouth Bass....micropterus dolomieu:


    Also from the Colorado River, Texas the Guadalupe Bass....micropterus treculii:


    Couple more related....

    Table Rock Lake, Missouri an Ozark Bass....Ambloplites constellatus...unbeknowst to me at the time (and to my shame) this is evidently a beast of an Ozark (not being really kn owledgeable about these sunfish I thought it was a rock bass) and weighed 1 lbs 4 ozs on my scale....I just put it back to swim away. Turns out the recognized World Record by the IGFA is 1 lbs 1 oz.....so I probably turned back a potential world record....oh well, I'm glad he's still swimming around:


    Lastly a true bass from the Colorado River, Texas...White Bass (that Doug Petrousek kindly mounted for me) of 4 lbs (20.5 inches)...morone chrysops:


    Great fishing everyone......Brian
  2. 32 lb Rainbow caught at Pukaki canal , South Island, New Zealand last month ( Oct ) , I released her to grow even bigger .

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  3. Bender that is a freakin toad! Looks like it's probably a triploid rainbow....nice fish......

  4. Thanks Brian , I dont know what a triploid is , aint that where man has made em sterile ??!! ??? Anyway , theyre all wild fish in them canals , the trout migrate from the adjoining lakes. The ecosystem is the right balance for growing massive trout , constant water temps and levels , with an abundance of aquatic life, and not to mention some of the food that no doubt enters the system from the Salmon farms . ;)
  5. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    Nice fish Brian and that IS a rock bass......."ole red eye"..........