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Backyard Badger Tanning

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by msbraintan, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. msbraintan

    msbraintan New Member

    Here goes.....
    I used the pw'er and turbo nozzle to flesh this badger.. then I dropped it in some aluminum sulfate and water for a couple of days.. then I washed it in some warm soapy dishwashing soap then am blowdrying it with my shop vac.. It's still damp and hasn't been oiled.. I want to buy a new 8" wire wheel for the bench grinder and see if I can thin it SOME.. can certainly tell with the alum that a skin like this should be shaven.. I just don't have spare change for a Dakota V of my own.. nor know how to use one of those.. Well ok.. so it's the tighter than the bark on a tree method of tanning BUT.. since I like very much to wash the alum and salt out .. and then well I planned on oiling and proceeding on to smoke the skin as a method of tanning.. what say all you guys??

    Looks good to me.. feels good.. might still attract moisture with some salt still in the skin?? .. kinda sounds like it might work.. sorry I know alum tawing gibberish seems to get you all for the majority upset, .. it IS pretty inexpensive.. and well it seems to give me better results than working so hard to braintan furs..I've been there and while it works it is also too damned difficult. So go ahead but I would prefer that you all at least try to be somewhat civil, please.. I do put in plenty of effort.. not planting on mounting any skins just hanging some of these rascals.. or perhaps a drapey hat??
  2. Be carefull thinning with the wire brush.
    As your thinning It will start to heat up the skin just from the friction,
    and more likely than not burn the hair roots, which in turn will end up with spots
    with no hair. Give it a shot though,
    remember what doesn't work for one person May work Great for someone else Good luck.

  3. msbraintan

    msbraintan New Member

    THX sedecatur. I have used a cup shaped wire wheel with a 4" angle grinder before on some raccoon skins.. and yes now that you mention it the wire wheels will surely begin to cause a circular pattern..or BURN if allowed to concentrate in the same spot for very long..hmm. Bet using those fleshers is very fun eh? dangerous surely but fun, right?? Well if anything I'll have the money well spent shall I ever hit any large size amount in the lottery!
  4. little feather

    little feather New Member

    Can you explain your alum and smoking method to me, in detail? I am trying to learn home tanning and all I know is skin and preserve using salt.