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Pics of Trapped animal's.. hides for sale

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by sedecatur, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. This is probably a sore subject for some but I have to bring it up, and it is just my opinion so bare with me. There are a lot of Trappers on here that sell hides for taxidermy purposes, and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that we appreciate it very much, and id like to thank you all now, (sorry for singeling trappers out but you'll understand shortly). HOWEVER I've noticed that there are pictures being posted of LIVE animals caught in traps waiting to be dispatched, especially in the For Sale section. It happens every year at this time, and this has probally been said before, but here it goes again.
    Guys and Gals, you really need to hold back on posting pitchers of Live Trapped Animals. Load them on the computer and email them if someone wants to see the condition of the animal before dispatch or if they want them for reference. There are animal rights people and tree huggers from every walk of life that frequent our site, and it just ADDS FUEL TO THE FIRE so to speak, and remember the general public can access the site also. Even if we don't have problems on here with the animal rights activists it allows them a, simple, and quiet way to access more fuel to what they would show the world to be cruelty to animals. Your right, WE know better, and it helps support our profession, and sport of choice, but we also know that there are SO MANY people out there that would like to see hunting and trapping outlawed, lets not give them anymore than we have to. Once again I'm sure we all appreciate it, I know I do, and keep the for sale offers comming, but let's keep it to those of us that understand it and not the rest of the world. Sorry if I offended anyone with this post but Id hate to have us help to eliminate the sports (hunting and trapping) that give us, not only our livelihood as taxidermists, but also as outdoor persons (is that good ladies ;) ). Not to bring politics into the picture but also remember we are now under a new Presidential administration, LOTS of changes are comming, and who knows what, If Any, problems we may face in our profession and recreation with that alone. OK Nuff said, BLAST AWAY :-*
  2. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    The Antis already have their gory staged pictures for use. Our pics are to tame for their agenda.

  3. Bill to a certian extent your right and i understand what you mean, but check out this post http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,114370.0.html and miss_trapper im sorry dont mean to single you out just needed a referance its not the only pics ive seen like this just the eaisest to access.
    Bill If people see pics like these what do they see?? A poor defensless, sweet, inocent, dog, Probally In pain suffering just wanting to get away back to its family, Thats what they see. They arent seeing a Wild animal that could kiil a moments notice, or an animal that might have just made a meal of there beloved cat. Its actuall the ** to tame ** pictures that the antis want, a quiet helpless looking trapped animal if just what they want to add to their cause, Once again this is just my opinion and maybe im way off, if so sorry, but I dont think I am and it was just a suggestion.
  4. PacWest

    PacWest Active Member

    This subject has been done to death on here. If you don't like it, don't look. There is no reason to hide the truth and it is not your job to 'shame' anyone into meeting your criteria of what tasteful is.
  5. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Just another "northeast" opinion that thinks everyone voted for Obama because they did. I agree with Bill, they have their own prefab pictures that go up and beyond anything we post.::)
  6. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    If you think not posting pics of trapped live animals on here will help us your sorely mistaken. The antis will hate us no matter what we do. There are trapping sites with the same pics. Are they supposed to stop too? No matter what the animal is dead, and they hate it.
    I'm not offended by the pics because I know what can and does happen to the animals if we don't keep the numbers down.
    The antis ignorance is not going to make us change my/our views and by not posting pics it wont change theirs.

    What does the North East have to do with it?
  7. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    That's where the original poster was from. ;D
  8. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    So am I. Not all are like that here. But like everything, there's one in every crowd ;).
  9. mk

    mk -30 below

    exactly, the treehuggers will hate us no matter what, i could give a rats ass what they think anyways. if they want to ban hunting and trapping fine give nature a couple yrs and there will be so many animals and people will be begging to have someone trap them or shoot them for tearing up their garden, eating their cat or dog, etc it might happen to these treehuggers and then they might have a change of heart by then
  10. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    mk it's happening here. In Mass. we can't trap, and there is a season for coyote. People are just starting to realize how important us trappers are. People are being attacked by fox and yotes, pets are missing, and rabies is real bad. But I don't see a change coming too soon, they aren't smart enough.
    I'm hoping it will be different in a year or two, but ya never know.
  11. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Screw the anti's!!!!! I am sick and f^%%^ng tired of everybody WORRYING about what some panty wasted friggin anti thinks!

    sedecatur, why don't you go get your PETA card now, you are no better than them when you cower to what they think. I for one am not & never will be a pacifist to this subject or these people. If the sight o9f blood offends them then they better not tread on me or it will be their own blood making them gasp in horror!!

    Stand the F$%K up people!!!! Who give a flying flock if they are offended!!! Takeyour stand, don't be a grobbling wussy like sedecatur!
  12. WOW LOL Just thought i was trying to help. I was just about to post a response to everyones post up to this point, and decided why bother. Ive been hunting and trapping (ummm yeah we do that here in the northeast to) since i was 15, Taxidermy since i was 17, up until just a couple of years ago when i had to stop due to illness and injury Oh yeah I'm 45 now, and sorry not because of the Antis. I never said anything about President Obama all i said was a new Presidential administration was in and sorry that brings new changes everytime it happens sorry if you took it as a shot to your presidential preference, wasn't ment that way.
    michael p. i would like to address something you said directally **Stand the F$%K up people!!!! Who give a flying flock if they are offended!!! Take your stand, don't be a grobbling wussy like sedecatur! ** if being a grobbling wussy means trying to help future generations avoid any of the conflicts Ive had to deal with over the years Than I'm Damn Proud Of it.
    I see things haven't changed on here. There still allot on here that either cant take suggestions or constructive criticism with out thinking its a personal attack on them, My helping days come to an end once again. Every time i think i want to teach my children about this trade more than one person finds a way to help me realize I need to keep them from it, for their own personality sakes (yeah that means i want them to have a personality) Hey George I see know what you have had to deal with for so many years, Does it really pay to try to help. Sorry for ruffling so many feathers, Ill just consider the post closed.
  13. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Now are you really surprised at the reaction? I think you knew exactly what you would get. I will also bet you get the same reaction by posting this on ANY hunting or trapping forum you can find. You are going to "train" your children to have the right , as defined by you, personality? Good luck with that pipe dream. In closing, have you ever seen where radical terrorists, the AR wackos, can be appeased? Appeasement to them means total victory in their misguided cause.
  14. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Go ahead & tell your children & accept defeat which is EXACTLY what you are doing when you adjust your life as to not offend the MINORITY of animal rights activists!!

    Lie down and say i'm sorry for offending somebody wearing leather shoes!

    Jeesh....they're every where! ::)
  15. I think emailing pictures is a pain in the butt, for the seller and the buyer. Spending all your time answering emails for lookie-loos defeats the puropse. First, everyone b!tches about no posted pictures, then they b!tch about the live animal pictures.

    I agree, who gives a **** what the antis think. This is a taxidermy site and if your afraid of seeing a poor little fuzzy critter, alive, dead, about to be dead, or mounted,... you dont need to be looking. The antis would faint in the meat section of the local grocery store, because it is dead animal on display to the public.

    I took 32 young chickens to the auction this last weekend, and we got a load of grief when we checked in because more than 10 were in one cage. Had to call someone to drive AN HOUR to the auction site just to bring extra holding cages for a 2 hour auction. Why? Because the pansy piece of chit bunny hugger Californians passed Prop 2. The animal has to have room to spread it's wings and turn around in the cage, EVEN IF IN TEMPORARY HOUSING. What a crock of crap. Yeah, thanks to all the bleeding hearts. And I imagine more than half those birds we sold didnt even see the light of the next morning. The ballot explained the prop so vaugely, it sounded "nice" even to me. But the reality of it is that 80% of the poultry & egg farms in California are going to close.

    Screw the antis!
  16. Dreamwing

    Dreamwing New Member

    No use being ashamed of what there is nothing wrong with, I think the dark yote pictures are tastefully done and show that the animal is not trashing about and not in pain, There are other fights to fight than attacking each other for something that is not wrong. Michael P I wish you would stop sugar coating everything and tell us what you really think!-LOL
  17. the anti's need some lead up their yahoossssss
  18. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Here's the REAL DEAL, they are going to start taking this crap before courts & saying look "the Taxidermist's who mount these animals feel that trapping is so cruel that they themselves cannot stand to look at the pictures"

    People such as "sedecatur" hould just go ahead & testify on behalf of PETA since they're ashamed of what they do anyways.

    Sincerely....still PROUD to be a Taxidermist,
    Michael P. Schlabach
  19. It's just a dog, you numbnut!!! ;D ;D ;D

    Why show the trap, simply show the animal. The trap is the devil to these PETA people, much like guns are evil to the antigun people.
  20. Disney can behind the influence of this with all the Bambi, the fox and the hound kind of stuff. hell i watched those when i was Littler but i still like to eat Bambi's dad to ;)