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Antique Bali Tiger Specimen

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by balitiger, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. balitiger

    balitiger New Member

    I have a Bali Tiger skin complete with the original skull. After a few years of commumicating with USFW I have been able to establish legal ownership, but cannot sell the specimen outside of my home State. I do have a signed letter from the USFW Management Authority that will allow me to sell the specimen if I can show enough evidence that the tiger was killed at least 100 years ago. The skin was never removed from the skull and the brain is still inside. The body of the skin is pliable and there is an extremely faint tint of blue on the underside of the leather. The last record of a Bali Tiger being taken was in 1937. I would like to know the tanning techniques that were used from 1890 to around 1910.
  2. jrosbor

    jrosbor Member

    Not exactly what you are looking for. But, the leather COULD be identified as being "Chrome tanned" by the "blue" in the skin.

    "1894 Booth Gloversville tannery started chrome tanning for Goat and Kangaroo."


    I believe the USFW service is looking for you to produce a receipt of some sort. Or an authentic marking on the skin that would indicate when and who it was tanned by.

    Good luck!