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The Week in Fish Pictures~ Year 3# Week# 8

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    The Week in Fish Pictures~ Year 3# Week# 8

    A warm and hearty Hello from. A remote location on the mighty Niagara River in Lewiston New York! Our new friend and fellow Fishheads Mr. Martin Green who is here visiting with us for a month from Victoria Australia is taking a well deserved break to take in a spot of fishing with good friend Paul Czarnecki and yours truly. It is wonderful to see the expression of an avid fisherman catch fish he has never seen before other in a magazine. Cool!

    Martin has been hard at work and I will share some of the 8 finished fish he is doing here with me at Anglers Artistry as they come to completion. I will share some of the work this week that martin has been working on!

    During our travel here to NY and Canada e have stopped into visit some fly shops and tackle store as well as got to see some great taxidermy too1 I want to say hey to Rich Benedict from Brockport NY. We stopped in to a wonderful little tackle store in Western NY and got to see some of Riches great work! Breathing fish work in person as well!

    I want to thank all of the great contributors who really show not only great talent and work but rather give such inspiration to all of us!

    Mr. Eddie Casas! I will give you a call when I get back to town Great Bass Eddie

    Mr. Pat McGruder! Front Page of the forum this is good fish stuff here!!!!!! Way to go Mr. Pat! Proud as a new daddy! I ‘m so proud of your efforts!!!!

    Mr. Dave Campbell! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt Brown! Call you when I get back!

    Fishtail! Awesome Largemouth Bass very nice paint work!

    Chad See! Way cool Brown! I think Chad this is your passion! We brought old Martin down to the Oak Orchard stream and he caught his very own first Brown! I told him this is where you fish too!

    Wildthings! Speckled Trout is the bomb!!!!! great work!

    Fishwork! Hey Ken! Wicked Bass my old friend! Good to see you posting your beautiful work!!!!

    Jeremy Snider! Grouper Snapper! More!!!!!! I’m serious send me your info I want to help your talents out from my end! Beautiful work!

    Fishmedic! Great looking Gar well done!!

    Long Spur! Love the movement on this Gar way cool!!

    A great week Fishheads!!!!!

    From beginner's to the best in the world we all join in every week in a critique free and hassle free string with nothing more then great artist and inspiring fish taxidermist and carves get together to share with one another their praise and inspiration of good will and friendship to one another.

    I thought I would start off this week with pictures of Mr. Martin Green work all the way from Victoria Australia! Martin is a driven and talented gentleman who has taken his passion and drive to the UAS all the way to Anglers Artistry to pursue a dream! Martin is working on 8 fish for a month and we have covered every thing from Reproduction work, custom eye making and custom eye painting g of Jeff Lumsden eyes, molding and casting of fish with 3 different methods to custom kin mounts to created habit presentation. We even are fitting in a fishing adventure to NY and Canada! Why not! I would like to share a few of Martins efforts to date. I will certainly post the completion to some of these projects. I hope you enjoy the work of Martin Green!

    I will mention that with friendship and a wiliness to help others is also a highly regarded form of admiration I have for both of these great gentleman!

    I hope your week is productive and your freezers a bit lighter. Make money this week and be safe and enjoy your life and your gifts!

    So here goes!

    I hope you enjoy the week!
    So with out further ado let's get week #8 under way.

    So here we go and here is to a great week in fish pictures!!!! #8! Enjoy!

    My Best!
    Your Friend
    Rick Krane

    Here is a custom eye with the Jeff Lumsden eye cap used to accurately create the eye of a Dorado! Well done!


    Here is the very different eye of a Barramundi! Not the pupil has a distantly different look. Like our Walleye here in the States or the European Zander there is a duel refractive cone which creates the mirrored refractive look in the Barra we see a reddish pink look to the pupil.

    Martins Custom “Holding on to the reef” Barramundi! Not the Pupil refraction!


    Martin with his Maco Shark Pedestal casting!


    Here is the head rebuilt and the eye passively in place to see if the proper look is achieved!


    Here is a way cool Fish I have never seen! A giant Trevally!


    Martin setting the unique eye set for this Stunning fish!


    A dream of Martins was to come to the States and catch a few of our many great fish! Martin was working so hard and doing so well we took him fishing in Canada and NY for some cold water beauties! All work and no play makes Martin ….well just over worked I guess! LOL!

    Martins first Brown Trout! Good friend and super fishing guru our own Paul Czarnecki took us for a great say of Stream fishing!


    Here is Martins first Laker! What a hog! The fish of course LOL!


    Martin caught several Steelheads with Boat Captain and Master Angler Mr. Jimmy Taylor! A must for Steelhead is Jimmy Taylor charters! Martins Beautiful Fall Steelie!


    My Best!

    Rick Krane
    Anglers Artistry
    312 Chesterfield Road
    Hinsdale, New Hampshire 03451
    Office: 603-336-7296
    Web: www.anglersartistry.com
  2. Chad See

    Chad See Certified "Fish Head"

    Great looking fish work, cant wait to see those completed! Glad to hear Martin got his first brown trout and several other firsts as well. That is awesome! I'm jealous, I want to go fishing!!!!! Good start to the week. Nothing for me as I have been skinning deer. If all goes well, next week I'll have something to share!

  3. Cool !!!!!!!! NIce job so far Martin. I'm ready to see some finished work and I'm sure you are too.

    Man I love those eyes. All are cool but the dorado is my favorite.

    Well my contribution for the week is a custom molded and cast 11" black crappie. It's my little cousins first fish and I wasn't too busy so I gave in and decided to do it as a Christmas present for him. What I didn't tell his family is that I really needed some practice in molding, casting and painting a crappie. ;D Crappies are a tough fish for me. But anyway this is actually my second fish I've molded but my first I've ever casted. I was very pleased with the cast especially to be my first.
  4. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    sweeeeeet crappie :eek: :eek:
  5. great fish again guys , Travis nice fish!!! Here is My Marlin and Lookdown
  6. AA

    AA Member

    Your fish are incredible. You definitely have the natural fish look to everything you do. Your Breakthrough is on the way.

  7. fishtail

    fishtail New Member

    Nice eyes on those fish!

    Travis... probably the nicest crappie I've ever seen. Very well done!!

    This week I have a 22" Smallmouth repro caught here in Oregon. The blank is from Bev's.
  8. fishtail

    fishtail New Member

    Another shot of the Smallie...
  9. Woa!! Cant wait to see all those salties painted up!
    That Mako looks very cool.

    Travis! The crappie is fantastic!!!!!! congrats on the success of the first cast.

    Well here is one for me this week.
    Hands down my Least favorite fish to paint, Torture for me. lol
    Not really sure why, but I find Largemouth Bass so frustrating.

    This is a Christmas Present for my Brother.
    He is a birdwatcher more then a fisherman, and never really went fish crazy like me. He flew out this summer to visit and wanted to go bass fishing.
    The weather stunk! but We found a window of a half an hour with no rain so we headed to the park and chased bass. We ended up getting several and he got his largest bass to date. lol
    Not a giant but big in his eyes only 17" but he wouldnt stop talking about it. He is 10 years older then me and was hopping around like a 8 year old.
    I ended up slipping the bass into a cooler when he want looking and made a mold, then went back and picked up rocks from where we fished and molded them.
    We got the bass by dragging whole nightcrawlers over a rocky shore, so I sculpted a Crawler in apoxie to put on the base.
    Hope he likes it :D




    I may have another to show in a few days. if the stars are lined up right ;D
    KEEP the pics Coming!!!
  10. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Josh...... You make me sick. ;) Awesome bass, very natural and that crawler is beautiful as beautiful as a crawler can be. :D And since you love em sooo much if I ever catch a huge one :-\ I'm gonna get you to paint it for me. ;D
  11. LionHeart

    LionHeart New Member

    Wow, you guys are real artists :eek:,

    fishtail, very nice smallie you painted, good work 8)

    snakeawave, your metal fish work is real art, thanks for sharing with us.

    Travis, that crappy is awesome, it looks alive, just amazing 8).

    Josh, it doesn't show at all that you were tortured painting this fish ;), you did an excellent paint job, I really like the way you painted the details and the pink veins on the fins junction and tail, congrats.. :) and that crawler is life like :eek: good sculpting man.
  12. Jimmy Lawrence

    Jimmy Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Josh, I dont know what everyone else is talking about, I think your fish SUCK. I would however hang them anywhere in my house as a personal trophy!!! LOL. Great, great job on the largemouth. They are my worst fish to paint as well. Im never close to satistfied.

    Travis, Your pics of the crappie wont come up on my computer for some reason, but it sounds like it is a great looking fish. Wish I had your talent!!!

  13. Well thanks guys.
    This is honestly the first Largemouth bass I have been semi happy with, and I have done Many many many of them.
    They are much more complex then they look.

    What do you think? Should I put a hook in the tail of the worm or leave it be?
    I am on the fence at the moment
  14. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    i vote hook...... ;D
  15. LionHeart

    LionHeart New Member

    I vote..........no hook ;)
  16. You know what man? I don't think the hook would hurt it but I'd leave well enough alone.

    I vote no hook.

    Jimmy I can email ya if you'd like.
  17. Ok No hook

    My wife just chimed in with that vote as well ;D
  18. jemmick

    jemmick Active Member

    a belated no hook !!! All great looking fish this wk!! Rick you could almost make a house call for me but enjoy the fishing instead you deserve it .Gettin ready to go fishin myself.
  19. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member


    Nice work! Seeing that the crawler is so important to the piece and GOOD, I vote for the hook in your piece, with a # 8 lazer sharp wide bend Eagle claw and leader! I know that your wife is usually right, but this is needs a second look! LOL


    PS My older son just pooped in while typing this reply and said holy crap that bass is awesome! And he has seen a few!

    And PSS Martin that is one sharp Dorado eye oh yea!
  20. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    Once again, Jeff has no idea what he is talking about. ;) EC Lazer sharp hooks are anything but sharp. When fishing use Gamakatsu, Owner, or Mustad Needle Points. And I'm with your wife...NO HOOK!!! The Bass and Crappie both look very nice, and LMB are the hardest fish to paint, IMO. (Replica Crappie might be second)