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The Week in Fish Pictures~ Year 3# Week# 8

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member


    You are the man! 8)
  2. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    LOL, and if you forget it, just ask me, I'll remind ya.

  3. Jimmy Lawrence

    Jimmy Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Oh jesus.

    Jeff Lumsden giving Cole compliments...... where does it end. Thanks alot Jeff. Now he wont let a hack like me in his shop.
  4. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member


    I kind of felt sorry for the guy after his blood pressure became critical from his last encounter with Den007, so I through him a bone!

  5. lol
    Yea I am a Gamakatsu hook guy.
    In fact if I were to put a hook in it would be a Gamakatsu circle hook.
    I love circle hooks and only use other hooks for trout and pike.
    Cant beat the good hold and it does less damage to the fish if I choose to release.

    Still leaning towards no hook, I am thinking you get the Idea as is. Plus its done and I don't want to fiddle anymore. lol not that that has ever stopped me in the past.
  6. DropTine

    DropTine DSCN0137.JPG

    1 lb Bluegill. Mark
  7. Awesome fish guys..I love your crappie Travis,,unbeleivably real looking,,always great to see what you guys come up with each week..
  8. Great fish from Everyone posted !
    Travis- Great job on your Crappie..cast and paint finish ! You captured it well.
    I just finished another Brook trout, (18" Custom Cast), Going out to a good customer in Mooresville, N. Carolina !
  9. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    beautifull BROOKIE!! love those fish!! :eek:

    heres one I did about a year back , since I have no fishies this week :-\
    sorry for the crappy scan pic... :-\
  10. RDA, is that a glass of whiskey in the front left corner of your photo??? ;D
  11. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    DDOOHHH!!! uhhhhhheeeerrrr why no(wink wink) just a coke ;D
  12. ;D :eek:
  13. Chad See

    Chad See Certified "Fish Head"

    Travis, your crappie is simply awesome! I love it. Best one I have ever seen, hands down. You will have to share some of those painting secrets with me. :)

    Josh, the bass and worm is awesome. Always a pleasure to view your work.

    As for everyone else, they all look great!

    Keep them coming!
  14. rwenglish1

    rwenglish1 'IN GOD WE TRUST'

    RDA I see you to also keep those free pens the send around trying to get you to buy more to advertise you business. Humm, what else can we find in that there photo.

    Buy the way GREAT thread this week nice fish in the photographs.
  15. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    RDA...I'll bet it's good old Jack D on the glass!! ;D ;) ;D Nice brookie anyway!
  17. Wow it is only sunday and almost to page four on this thread great start to the week. Here is my offering for this week. I am sure it does not hold a candle to everyone else's here. This is my second Brown trout ever. On a body that I custom carved out of blue dock foam.
  18. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

  19. Great fish guys ,here is another metal cobia I Just finished
  20. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    Hey Rick Krane...thanks for the mention. That's cool that you were in the area and got to stop in at Orleans Outdoor; Ron B. is a real decent guy.
    Josh and Travis WOW! How life-like! :eek: Two species that give me trouble as well, but you guys nailed it for real
    Here's a Walleye, Bluegill and Channel Cat... all custom repros