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coyote eyes and mouth

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by SAM9266, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. SAM9266

    SAM9266 New Member

    Im a newbie... Ive done 3 whitetail shoulder mounts last year, 3 largemouth bass and attempted 2 crappie last year. I shot a male coyote this past weekend and want to do a shoulder mount of it.. it will be my first coyote. It is tube skinned for a shoulder mount and in the freezer at this moment. I was looking at forms to place an order and was wondering about a closed mouth or an open mouth... is the open mouth much more difficult for a first time coyote attempt? I saw some mounts with jaw sets already installed and finished and was thinking about one of those. It will be a Christams gift to me from my girlfriend.
    I was also wondering if anyone had any pictures of the clay work for the eyes. I plan on also ordering a book on coyote and bobcat mounting but she wants to order it all together for Christmas gifts so Im trying to figure out my order now.
    Im looking for advise for my first time attempt...

    recommended Forms.... manufacturer?..wall or pedastal? closed mouth or open mouth? type or brand of eyes? a good manual for coyotes, fox and bobcats?.. both head and full body mounts

    Thanks..... Sam.... Georgia
  2. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    For your first I would stick with the closed mouth. As far as forms go Im a fan of Brian Harness's forms. Most forms for coyotes have a very wide muzzle and Brians have a more accurate narrow muzzle. They are available in a shoulder form from WASCO.

    Study reference for days before you start on it. Clay in your eyes according to reference and when you mount it pay close attention to the hair pattern on the outside corner of the eyes. If you look at reference pictures you'll see exactly where that hair pattern should be. If the hair pattern is off it will throw off the whole eye set.

    Save the skull, refer to it when setting your ears. Most people set their ears to high, if you look at the skull you can see where the ears attach, you can take measurements and get your ears attached where they belong. Good luck and post pics when you get it finished.


    TIM DUNCAN surry county va

    definitely a closed mouth until you have done a few or practice on a few, McKenzie has a ped. mount that sits on a rock it is very nice and easy, start getting reference pictures now and study the animals ears and eye placement there challenging to get the right look but not impossible lots of references will be key to your success and post some pictures when your done good luck have fun
  4. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    My first yote was an open mouth. It came out fine. You've already done closed mouth on your deer so why not go open mouth with the yote? You have to start somewhere ;).
    You should get the breakthrough mammal mounting manual. It's a great book to have on hand.
  5. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    My first mount of anything was an open mouth yote. The mouth was probably the only part even remotely correct.
  6. Ivey

    Ivey Ravenwood Wildlife Studios

    I like Tohican IQ eyes-250's- got great results at the Florida shows the past 2 years....won major awards- just my 2 cents worth....good luck and Happy Holidays!!!!

  7. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    Open mouth would be fine however the hide is not the same as a deer handle with care in processing they can slip easy if not handled correctly especially the ears
  8. your only problem with an open mouth will be you!!! you can do it if you prep your form correctly and give your self some conifdance, they arnt hard to do i love them and cats also. just take your time pre fit your head and you mignt find that the head skin is larger or smaller than the form. you can build it up to fit your skin . just per fit before you alter . its a great experance and you will be glade you did it good luck mark c