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squirrel w/ acorn in mouth close-ups

Discussion in 'Mammal Reference Photos' started by Gooter, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Gooter

    Gooter My Taxidermy Assistant

    I found this squirrel laying perfect in the road. She had been carrying an acorn across the street when she got run over. I guess she didn't have time to think about dropping the acorn. I'll post these here in case anyone needs them for open mouth or carrying a nut - they're great for showing the shape and detail. Hope they help someone!
  2. Gooter

    Gooter My Taxidermy Assistant


  3. Gooter

    Gooter My Taxidermy Assistant

  4. Gooter

    Gooter My Taxidermy Assistant

  5. Gooter

    Gooter My Taxidermy Assistant

    one last
  6. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Now kiddies, follow exactly what you see in these pictures, and you too can make a Squirrel that looks just as dead as the one you see here!

    When will everyone learn ... dead animals are no reference for live animals! Jeez! I've been preaching this for years, and you still don't get it!

    Not only are the features misshapen and crooked -- which would explain a lot on these mounted animals I see here -- but the features are dried out! The nostrils are out of line and crooked, the nose pad is dry and already substantially shrunken, as are the gums and lips! But you all go ahead, and follow these pictures as your lead for producing "awesome" dead Squirrel mounts. Just don't go putting them in competition, or try to pass them off as representative of what a live Squirrel looks like.

    And before you ask ... yes ... I do have macro close-ups of squirrel mouth, nose, eyes, and ears, and nut in the mouth ... as well as paws, and Squirrel "naughty bits"!

    When will it end?