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Borax before Freezing

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by David Patton, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. A customer that sends me his frozen deer capes for prep service uses borax on his capes and hides before freezing. I recommend this practice to anyone. It does several things. 1. It tightens the raw cape and helps to hold the hair, and 2. It makes the first fleshing very easy which eliminates thin spots or holes from the fleshing machine. Try it, you won't be disappointed in the final results.
  2. cold trapper

    cold trapper age 15 a trapperman w/7 prime rats!

    That's good information David. i would add to be sure and let your tanner know what you treated the hides with. I was wondering if anyone knows if adding salt with borax would be a +/- ?

  3. RichWolfe

    RichWolfe New Member

    Hummmm...salt and borax mixing would probably not be a good mix in the freezer whereas the wetness of the salt would make the borax rather lumpy and uneven as well as not freezing......but maybe offers some protection..........humm.

    The two together might have a common realationship somewhere/somehow to make fleshing,tanning, and finial product a good one.
  4. pH concerns could arise if you are throwing directly into the pickle. However, my process has a washing and a bate that eliminates the pH issue before pickling.
    Remember to monitor pickle pH of 2.0!
  5. cold trapper

    cold trapper age 15 a trapperman w/7 prime rats!

    I think this washing, bating period is more important than unseasoned tanners realize. It is aslo known as the relaxing, and initial tanning step as with trappers dried pelts and hides. It draws the blood and dirt out and makes for a clean skin. The top tanners know the importance of this initial step and how to push this peroid right to the edge. For a super soft relaxed skin. yet tight firm hairs in the epidermis. Apparently Mr. Patton knows his stuff. And how!
    hmm, I wonder if Mr. Patton would mind if i referred to him as "The New Four Star General of the Nations top Tanners"? Anyway that's my blog on the subject.
  6. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    EJ, lets not go overboard! This new format is cool! It will take some learning though.
  7. EJ

    EJ Proud Member of: Unaffiliated, Free Agent

    If you say so OS???
  8. cold trapper

    cold trapper age 15 a trapperman w/7 prime rats!

    :-\..hi EJ. i think Old Spice Man might have been referring to me. you see i took your advise when you ordered me to change my name from lil ej.
    I think The Old Spice man figured that out all by his lonesome! you see he must feel he is at sea. in one of those old spice commercials. he does not want me to "go over board". one time in 1993 i was in nove scotia buying silver foxes, i got a ride on a crab boat. sheeesh i was almost shark food!