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Auto Tanner Assistance

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by gunbunny, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. gunbunny

    gunbunny New Member

    I have no intention of going into a hide tanning business, all I do is directed towards a particular project for a single non profit veterans group which has a valid need for tanned hides.

    I searched the taxidermy.net forum archive using the key words "auto tanner" , and came up with a "can not locate" screen for most posts which may help me.

    My finished hides are going to the Warrior's Moccasin Project which is sponsored by the National Native American Veterans Association (www.nnava.org) and presently there is an enormous backlog of active duty service men and women on a list waiting to receive moccasins. As buckskin is expensive and the organization is still in its infancy with a very small budget, all buckskin I can produce will be gratefully put to use. ALL of my previous tanning (5 hides) has been using the braintan method, and as you can see I haven't done a lot of it. I had no idea what to call these pressurized drums until another forum member clued me in.

    I have never worked with an auto tanner, but now find myself in possession of two of them with no instructions regarding how they are used. They were in bad shape when I traded for them, and one has been refurbished and is almost ready for use. I am told that there are environmentally safe chemicals which can now be used, and this is the one necessity in all I do. I refuse to do anything which might harm Mother Earth. My brother owns a meat processing business and with hunting season rapidly approaching I'll have as many hides to work with as I might ever need.

    While braintanning in a traditional sense is the standard for Native American use, I would like to put the auto tanners to work for a short time to create enough buckskin to eliminate the backlog that now exists. Once the backlog is caught up, the tanks can be put away and traditional braintanning can resume.

    I do not know where to begin, or even what the first question I should ask would be. I am at a complete loss. Looking through what postings I could find, I didn't see what I'm searching for. Would anyone out there by any chance have an instruction book that might help me figure out where to begin? ANY assistance you can provide would be of tremendous help. Thank you for your time.

    Roger D. Smith,Sr.
    Gunnery Sergeant of Marines (Retired/Disabled)
    Elder-at-Large, National Native American Veterans Association (www.nnava.org)
  2. fs

    fs Guest

    You were searching the wrong forums...

    Go here:


    (old forums)

    and then enter the term "auto tanner" or "automatic tanner" in to the search box.

    I got 715 results with one search.

    While you are sifting through all that, start de-hairing.

  3. gunbunny

    gunbunny New Member

    I got the same 715 results, but when I clicked on various hotlinks that came up as a result of my search, my screen came up "cannot locate" or something like that..
  4. best thing to do is call dan reinhart, he is the one that is building and selling them now. I'm not in the shop right now or I would give you his number. I think he is on the web. I know that he has advertising in the breakthrough magizine too. he is in wisconsin
  5. gunbunny

    gunbunny New Member

    Does anyone have contact info where I can communicate with Dan Reinhart? Thanx
  6. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    Dan Rinehart Taxidermy Supply
    Address: 203 South Main Street, Edgerton, WI 53534
    Toll-Free: 1-866-296-2782
    Web site: www.LearnTaxidermy.com -- E-mail: [email protected]

    For future reference, you can find information on over 200 suppliers by clicking on the "Suppliers" link in the "Quick Link" box at the top of this page.