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New to forum and would like some guidence

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by shotabuck, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. shotabuck

    shotabuck New Member

    Hi everyone...I live in West Texas and have land available to me to trap on. I use the Victor traps my Uncle left me. Last year I caught Bob Cat, Coon and Mr. Stinky...those I would rather not step on one of my traps. The pelt buyer came through and because I was new at this I believe he got some nice pelts cheap. I skinned them like a pillow case. There were no holes in them other then the 22 shot in the head. and where I started the hole to get the skin off. He paid 80.00 for the Bob Cats and 10 for the coons. Is there a better methood of killing the animal to make a better pelt...someone told me to drown the animal...but my dad brought this girl up not to prolong the death of an animal and I would perfer to shoot it. The Bob cats have some pretty long hooks on them and wouldn't hesitate to use them. I run my traps once or twice a day so my animals are quickly shot and froze. I would really appreciate any helpful hints anyone could send my way. Thank you ahead of time. Vicki