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Your opinion on color

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Manny, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Manny

    Manny New Member

    I have been playing around with colors around the eyes. I use to always use just chocolate brown dark around the eye and that was it. Now I'm wanting a more natural look. Here is one I did with a different scheme.
    First paintend around eye bass belly white and superhide white, 50-50 mix. ( I find bass belly white to yellow)
    Second starting around the eye and fading to the tear duct with Flesh
    Third chocolate brown intense around eye and fading towards tearduct.
    Finally chocolate brown with a touch of black in it around eye to just in front of eye ball.

    I had a few thoughts from friends that it looked to fleshy, and others loved it. Neither have a clue of what I'm looking for. As I stated before I'm looking of getting away from my commercial paint job into a more natural look. I myself love the new look, but it has to be passible to most people for me to stick with it.

    Hopefully the picture is OK to critique. Or give me some advise on my painting :-\
  2. Manny

    Manny New Member

    I think this one is a better picture.

  3. i think it might also look a little fleshy... still good job though
  4. Scrubby

    Scrubby New Member

    Well if you look at different references you will find some have that brownish look and others will be darker go with a fleshy look try Bill Yox's tint once you have done your chocalate add some white and brown and black with a little gloss mist it over the brown see what you think.
  5. dc taxidermy

    dc taxidermy Me and My Baby's senior picture

    My experience, each deer is different. You will have to ajust your white and brown tone to match the deer. We even have alot of deer in my area that I have to use grey on. Very dark grey faces.
  6. chongo

    chongo Member

    Might be the picture, but it looks a little too reddish- for that particular deer. Could be fine for a different tinted cape. As it is, the color is vivid to the point of drawing attention to it and not the eye itself. Which may or may not be what you wanted
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Actually, if you scroll to the top of the page and put the paints you used up beside the "Reference" pictures of whitetail, you'll see that "none of the above" will be closer to a live deer. We tend to paint for effect, but oftentimes, less is better.
  8. Manny

    Manny New Member

    OK, I'm really not understanding on matching the hide/cape. What part of the eye area needs to match more ?
    How do I color match a deer please elaborate? ( I know its a tough question)
    And George I believe less is better and I'm struggling to give it an unpainted natural hue . ( I know its easier said than done )

    Do I need to match the face? For example, If the face has more grey than any other color than go with a more grey look around the eye and tear duct ? With a dark grey around the eyeball itself ?

    And if the cape is more red, than do the samething using a rusty brown ?
  9. dakotabill

    dakotabill Member

    Manny it looks like there is alot of paint left on the hair? cant tell for sure though. Are you cleaning up after painting? If not try using a softer green scour pad and or a soft worn out tooth brush, work the paint off the hair without scratching the main paint base. good luck