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Can You answer this ?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Dan Bond, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Dan Bond

    Dan Bond Member

    I got a coyote hide in the shop today to send to the tannery for a wall hanger. It was salted stiff and cleaned up good. The ears were not turned but no biggy, the problem was I missed the fact that the tail bone was left in the last 25% of the tail and for the life of me I cant get it out. Should I return it to him or could or will the tannery just tan it the way it is and will it be fine? Any comment is appreciated thanks Dan
  2. bowhunterq2xl

    bowhunterq2xl Hillbilly pride runs deep

    Split tail and remove. If hair is still there after that, it might be alright. I would also apply some stop rot

  3. Felpy

    Felpy New Member

    Been there. Two options 1) rehydrate the tail and remove the bone, 2) or let the tannery when they rehydrate - will cost extra but probably the best approach. I would be concerned about slippage on ears and tail. Had a couple of bears come in that were salted and partially dried but the ears weren't turned. Turned as much of the ears as I could but they were to dry to do a complete turn without re-hydrating. I re-hydrated and finished turning the ears prior to placing in the pickle but it was to late and both bears had significant slippage on the ears only. The slow drying of the unturned ears allowed bacteria to set in. Its frustrating when people bring in hides that were improperly cared for and want a quality finished product back. I would let the customer know the risks and let them decide if they want to continue.
  4. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    I agree with Felpy. Slippage, is a definite concern. Tell the tannery, you want this skin re-hydrated in a pickle solution. If its a questionable skin(or tail), I would always skip a re-hydration bath., and go straight to acid.
  5. Dan Bond

    Dan Bond Member

    thanks alot