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The Dark Side to the Taxidermy Net

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by George, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. antlermike

    antlermike Active Member

    Im in the middle on this but you would think we all have better things to discus in here, although this is America so far its still a free country one can say what they want. If they ask what you think of there work when they post a photo and its sub standard work there surely most be a better way of letting them know its not up to par then saying its a POS. Maybe some people think its getting crowded in here. I think we can all learn from each other I hope after some of you have read seventeen pages of this you got something out of it. As for me as usual Im still in the cold as to why we all complain that we cant get our work done on time but yet we waste it in here over senseless issues as this. May God bless you all and good night
  2. Who said anything about not getting their work done ???

  3. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Thats a whole nuther ballgame. Who wants to start it?
  4. paul e

    paul e New Member

    LARSON had one showing God looking down from above
    at earth
    he had a keyboard in hand and it had a smite button
    he was looking at some dumba$$ and about to push the mighty smite buttom

    rookies!! lmao

    thanks for reminding me about Larson
    i miss um to
  5. Tom Cruickshank

    Tom Cruickshank The History Channel says I'm "creepy"!!

    Larson is irreplaceable, but this guy ain't far behind. He's a local. He can probably see Sarah's house too!


    And according to his website, he's putting out a "page per day" calendar ala Larson. He's made some pretty funny strips on taxidermists! :D
  6. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    He'll do well...I've been going through Larson withdraw for so long..This is bound to be a hit. Thanks for the link...
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    MICHAEL, that's sacrilege. he might be good but he's not nearly macabre enough YET.