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Meet Reggie!

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Ken D., Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Our occasional rehab duties give us access to some interesting creatures. Release is still a few weeks off and we will be sure to get some good reference pics of this guy posted on the Taxidermy in Focus website.
  2. fesekula

    fesekula Active Member

    He looks like one cool guy. Thank's for the ref. picture.

  3. OK...little history...We have been watching possums raid the cats bowls at the back door for a long time...its a great show and we get some good footage every now and then. In early July we had been watching a couple of females stopping by with the family on board clinging on for dear life...apparently Reggie was the one that couldnt hang on! Reggie was not much bigger than my thumb when my senior reference cat extraordonair (Lionel) found him and decided to make him a snack...clearly possum is not one of his preferred dishes, so he chewed on him a while and left him for the ants and thats pretty much how we found him. One trip to the vet and a list of very specific instructions and...presto...now he is now as big as an eggplant...and still very shy and tempermental which is good. He used to like yogurt and grapes which is what the vet wanted us to feed him...then he discovered chicken...then liver, then steak and tonight, we crossed the "cricket barrier"!!! He responds only to my wife and maintains a pretty sound fear of the rest of us. The adults that live in my backyard never feared the cats but Im beginning to feel like releasing him back there might not be such a good idea for Lionels sake! Paybacks a bbbb...bad thing! We will begin to reintroduce him to the wild over the next few weeks. We have done rehab on other animals before and have been fortunate with reintroduction. Very rewarding but consuming work. My wife is very good at it...and its a good chance to get good reference and study your subject. Anybody else been involved in it very much?