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One more Picture of my new base.

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by B-radshaaw, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Here is another picture of the base with a deer on it.
  2. The only thing I can think of, is there is that beautiful deer up top, and then nice base work on the bottom, but very little ties the two elements together. I mean, you have that post connecting the two, but that's it... I wonder if you could get any longer grasses or cattails, something to really help the eye move around the scene. Something that overlaps over the bottom level and reaches up and maybe just disappears behind the deer, or stops short... its up to you. Personally, I'd love to see something fluid like a vine, to contrast against the straight lines of the post.... or you could go in the opposite direction and try to mimic the straight lines of the post with long linear shapes like the cattails or corn stalks or whatever else would be a long linear natural object.

    Plus, some well placed cornstalks/cattails/longgrass/whatever might help off set that point someone else brought up, that the deer was a little too far to the right.

    As for the partridge, if you did it without adding some elements to tie the top and bottom together, it might make the whole piece a little bottom heavy aesthetically, but overall may be a good idea of adding another interest factor.

  3. Michael F

    Michael F New Member

    You make a great point Allistair. I personally think cornstalks or cattails, or any more habitat period would be too much, taking the eye away from the focal point, the deer. There seems to be a void area tho to the left of the buck. I think this may be a good canidate for a buck/doe scene. looking up at him, grooming, whatever. Just a thought.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea of the cattails. We have lots of those around here and I think I just might try it.
  5. J. Sonner

    J. Sonner New Member

    If the deer where placed so its shoulders were at a natural height it would allow some of the post to show above the back and would put the deers briskey down near the grass tops and would help remove the bare area you guys have mentioned. I would throw out the partridge idea and put in more "bland habitat to fill the dirt aea and make it a little more realistic or add some areas of melting snow to break up the solid dirt area.
  6. Oooo... I really like Jeff's idea... dropping the deer, I can imagine just a touch of the post appearing from behind the deer shoulders. I agree with the other ideas too, like Michael mentioned, I get the impression judges really have an eye for when the habitat overwhelms the scene... so I'd watch out about adding too much, sometimes less is more.
  7. I completely agree. Either the deer needs to moved closer to the ground or the habitat must stand taller to tie everything together. I personally would opt for the head to be a lot closer to the base.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will definitely be in the shop tomorrow trying different things out. I will try and post another picture as the base progresses. This is the first one I have done.
  9. B-radshaaw, Just a though but maybe a small wooden and weathered NO TRESSPASSING sign
    between the brisket and the barb wire. Keep it small so its not overpowering, offset it to the left just a bit
    tilt it some, and it should fill the void, tie it together, and it shouldn't take away from the focal point JMO
  10. Critter

    Critter New Member

    Actully as stated, i think if you bring the deer down a little to natural height , you will have it. great work, love it ;)
  11. J. Sonner

    J. Sonner New Member

    I think I would also shorten the vegetation (down to about 1/2 of the height of the other weeds so they angle up towards the post) in the corner near the rock and add some snow in a tapered area beginning at the rock and growing wider towards the post. I think a little snow along the front edge (only an inch or so wide) would also give the illusion of the base continuing beyond the base.
  12. your right allistair its missing that "wow" factor in the middle...
  13. New picture of base with deer

    Here is a picture of the base with the deer lower on the post. I havnt had time to work on the base part yet. How does it look?
  14. elkevo

    elkevo Tailgate Bucks

    I like it, takes up less space in a crowded situation, nicely done.