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Describe what you expect when buying a raw frozen skull?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by horsepower, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. horsepower

    horsepower New Member

    Never dealt in skull or even considered saving them but if I don't have to do to awful much with them, I would certainly start saving a few and throw them up on the for sale page. Are we just talking about a skinned, lopped off head or are all the brains needing to be picked out and such?
  2. skin, lop, freeze, sell, ship ;D . No need to remove the brains or anything else,
    whoever gets it will finish prepping it, ship them frozen with a flat rate USPS priority mail box
    on a monday and you should be good. Let me know if you get some.
    Thanks Steve

  3. horsepower

    horsepower New Member

    Cool. My wife is going to love more unidentified stuff in the freezer!! Especially with eyes and teeth. Thank you.
  4. horsepower

    horsepower New Member

    Sorry to be a pest but lopped right at the base of the skull or is some of the neck preferred to be left on?
  5. If you remove the eyes, brain, tongue, and most of the muscle tissue, then dry it thoroughly in front of a fan, you will not have to ship it frozen. Priority Mail does not guarantee 2nd day delivery, and if it starts oozing and/or smelling putrid in transit, it will probably be discarded by USPS. Removing all of the neck vertabrae is good as long as the "lopping" process does not leave hack marks on the base of the skull.
  6. jvbj01

    jvbj01 New Member

    If you can take the time to removed the brains and eyes, it might be less of a mess. I have bought some that were pretty nasty when they arrived. You also have to remember that people who might not like handling a stinky box, might be handling it.
  7. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Cut off the head, but do NOT damage the rear of the skull. Cutting through the neck an inch or so away is a good practice. I absolutely HATE paying for a head and then, when cleaned find the rear all marred with saw marks, or worse, having part of the back of the skull actually cut off. :mad:

    You do not have to remove eyes, tongue or brains .. but doing so will make shipping a bit less and will help the skull to stay a bit fresher longer. Wrap the frozen head well in several layers of newspaper to help absorb any blood and keep it insulated. Wrap that in at least two very good plastic bags without holes!!!! Get it into a box and pack more newspaper all around it to insulate it and keep it from rattling around.

    Shipping Priority Mail will be fine as long as it was frozen solid before you ship. :) We are used to getting funny looking specimens in the mail and they all will clean up nicely. Just take care in prepping and you will have decent specimens to sell. If larger things like bears etc, take the weight into consideration and pack and pad accordingly to prevent damage to either the specimen or the box.
  8. Good answer Sea Wolf. Everybody likes their items prepared differently. I don't mind getting skulls skin on. I don't have to worry about knife marks or chipped bones and hair on skin is an exellent insulator. I don,t mind paying a little extra for shipping to get a skull in good condition.
  9. ReporterSr

    ReporterSr If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

    Shipping in a cooler with dry ice has worked for me.
  10. After removing most flesh, eyes, brain, tongue. Vaccum seal or wrap in a few ziplocks before freezing. Insulate flat shipping box with 2" foam insulation and it will keep throughout the shipping process anywhere in the U.S.. If you can contain the juices their won't be any problems until the recipient has to open the package ;D
  11. bugboy

    bugboy New Member

    I have my customers wrap the frozen head in three contractor grade trash bags and ship them USPS priority mail. I have never had an issue with a head thawing out, even when it is 105 outside.......
  12. RDMARTIN53

    RDMARTIN53 Active Member

    +1. I want mine untouched. The hide does keep the meat fresher. The less anyone cuts on it the better. If a box is leaking at the main Post Office here they return it to sender. My mail Lady is an Independent Contractor and threatens that any carton that leaks in her vehicle and I will pay for professional cleaning. I have had double leaf bags leak inside the box. Vaccum packed is best wrapped in fiberglass insulation. Priority is a must.
  13. Sarge

    Sarge A little too much Lord *hic*

    I agree 100% with RD though I would like to add one thing that makes it better for all concerned IMO including the Mail man. Throw it in a Vac Pack bag and vac pack then freeze it, if your sending to me, they don't leak, they don't stink externally, and they seem to stay frozen longer cause you can insulate better and not loose the insulating properties of the insulation cause it stays dryer.

    Terri were those Crane Heads still frozen when you got them?


  14. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    They weren't frozen, at least on the outside, but they were still very cold. That was the best and most professional wrapping and shipping job that I have ever seen. :) Even if they had been in there a week and rotted ... I doubt the postal folks would have had a clue.
  15. if you are talking deer or elk it depends on which state as there are quite a few states that do not allow brain or spinal matter to be transported into. In south dakota I have to completely clean out the brain cavity ( thank you brain blaster) before I can ship out or the hunter can transport out of state except to wyoming and montana as they are cwd states. this comes straight form my CO's mouth.
  16. Heres a post that I did for the guys over on the trappers forum...

    Here are some tricks....

    - Never twist the head off an animal to remove the skull, more often than not you will break the skull.

    - Never saw a skull or cleave it off, Either you will cut the skull or you will leave "Extra weight" ie Neck on the skull that adds to shipping weights.

    -ALWAYS use a knife to carefully disjoint a skull at the joint of the neck and the skull, It takes me less than 10 seconds to cut a head of most any animal.

    -Save any skull that is deformed, has a healed injury, shows advanced age(very worn teeth etc), Is very young or very small,

    - Sometimes slight damage is acceptable, especially if the specimen is unusual

    - When you freeze them, either bag individually and freeze or lay an old feedsack in your freezer and set each skull individually so they freeze individually. With the skulls not in bags they are quick and easy to identify. Once they are frozen you can put all of the same species in a bag then if someone wants one or 2 you don't have to thaw out a huge brick of skulls to get them, risking spoilage.

    - Keep the skulls fresh. Don't let them rot. Treat them just like any fur product.

    -Head shot and smashed skulls are worth something... at least to me, for the value of there teeth.(usually I pay 50 cents a skull)

    When shipping fresh skulls, always tripple bag, wrap the inside 2 bags in a layer of newspaper to absorb any leaks, If you can, line the box with fiberglass house insulation, this will prevent alot of thawing.

    Feel free to PM me if anyone has any other questions.


  17. darkbloodwyvern

    darkbloodwyvern We've been sent here to raise hell and cause chaos

    I agree with above comments on not hacking up the skull when you separate the head and the body!
    I do not mind if there's a little neck. I do prefer when folks use a knife rather than a hatchet to remove the head. It is cleaner and makes for less mess. I also try to use all the bones, so intact verterbra are good!
    Leave the Skin: If you are going to tan the skin, then obviously you have to take it off but don't do more work if you don't have to! It's easy enough for me to remove the skin with all the other stuff i take off and if i cut the bone it is my fault, not yours. Personally, i like my skulls as raw as it gets, part of the fun is mucking around with the cleaning process. If someone wants the skull de-eyed, brained and all that, you could probably charge for the time it takes you to fix it all up. I've never had a package leak, even one my roommates let sit out for a week (long story) because the sender packaged everything really nicely in ziplock bags.

    Headshot or damaged skulls: I like to piece what i can back together, it's fun and if you sell at a discounted price, you can probably sell enough to make them worth saving. But please let people know if or when they may be damaged, i've received skulls that weren't sold as damaged and fell apart. I can usually put them back together but it sucks to put that extra work into a skull I bought for more than i would have paid for a head shot...

    Hope you have a better idea of what to do!