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Freezing and Thawing a cape

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Bruledrift, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    I took in 4 heads to do and they were all frozen when I got them. Then it got warm and they started to thaw. I let them thaw to skin them but that's all I had time to do was to get them skinned and the ears opened and cartilage removed. So I froze the capes. I then thawed them to flesh them. Now they are frozen again. Now that I've read through the archives on freezing and thawing, I am nervous. I have two of them that I have to finish fleshing on the head part and split the eye's nose and lips. I pulled one out this morning to do this and started thinking about how many times they have been frozen. Now what? My stop rot hasn't arrived yet (maybe today) and I have this cape thawing while I am at work for a half day. I have never had a problem working on a head and freezing and thawing a couple times. But it sounds like some of you have. I suppose now I should finish the fleshing and splitting of the one I have thawed and hope it doesn't slip. Is there any substatute to use until I get my stop rot to slow the bacteria growth
  2. OK that i do step 1 take the cape off the head and freeze. step 2 thaw and remove red meat and turn ears eyes nose lips and flesh put in pickle for 3 days or 5. step 3 neutralize and flesh real good than i tan. step 4 fix holes and freeze. step 5 thaw shampoo dry-tumble mount. thats what i do. you are freezing to much us the pickle not the freezer and in the pickle you can pull it out and work on it at any time for 1 hour or 2 a day use gloves. pickle for 3 days 4or 5 if you need to