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New England Association of Taxidermists Convention 2009

Discussion in 'Convention Information' started by Steve Hackett, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Fred Barilla

    Fred Barilla Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    This was hands down THE BEST convention the NEAT has put together! (But wait 'till next year!!) Thank you to all the competitors, supporters, judges and suppliers who attended. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of our members and the new faces that find us each year!

    Wayne, I would have to say that my mind is obviously more feeble than Scott's. It completely slipped my mind. Twice! It is a great idea that we will have to make happen at some point. Sorry.

    I cannot close this message without mentioning the outstanding work that was in our competition room this year. Great job everyone.

    Wayne and Bill, I can't wait for everyone to see your fox, coyote and wolf mounts once the photos are up. Spectacular work as usual.

    Great job to all the competitors!!!

    Fred Barilla
    Vice President
    New England Association of Taxidermists
    (516) 333-9020
  2. Re: NEAT Convention

    JUst made it home and WOW. ALL the members and really the BOARD members, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Great show,Great mounts, Great seminars and All done ON TIME......
    Congrats Fred on Breakthough...

    Gregg Ielfield

  3. Re: NEAT Convention

    Unfortunetally I was not there this year but Do paln on it for next year for sure. congrats you guys on what i heard was a terrific show, and TGf told me the level of work was outstanding. i am very happy to see the show grow to what ity has. It all starts with leadreship, and you guys have got it nailed. Definetally be there next year, and if history repeats itself, I am sure it will be even bigger if that is possible!!! See ya next year for sure!!!
  4. Re: NEAT Convention

    We had a great time. All the hard work that everyone put in this year really paid off. As always the people really made the show. We have a great organization with a great BOD & really awesome members. Bill I must agree Harry is a hoot. He made our night last night. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Can't wait for next year & hopefully we will make it to Jersey next month.
  5. Fred Barilla

    Fred Barilla Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    What Kim is not telling you is that she worked just as hard as all the BOD at this show to make it run smoothly. A BIG THANK YOU to you as well!!!

  6. Re: NEAT Convention

    Thanks Fred. It does not feel like work. I really enjoy the show & look forward to coming every year. Someday I will mount a bear to enter, just have to get the courage up to try.
  7. Re: NEAT Convention

    Finally able to sit down and relax. What an awesome weekend, the turnout was unbelievable. Congratulations to everyone on a great show, without memeber support none of it is possible.

    Gregg, we'll throw down if I make it to New York. ;D ;D

  8. sash

    sash New Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    Hi Bruce,
    What does 'NEAT' mean??
  9. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    New England Association of Taxidermist
  10. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    New England Association of Taxidermist, congratulations on a great show. Steve, Fred and the board, great job once again. Superb judges and seminars, I hope the seminar Dave Kerr and myself did hepled give tips on deer mounting. Once again congrads, Paul Bacskoczky
  11. Fred Barilla

    Fred Barilla Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    Thanks Gregg, you always do more than your share for the NEAT year after year. Awesome seminar. You are the "HABITAT KING!"

    Paul, the Whitetail seminar that you and Dave Kerr put on was a huge hit as well. Very comprehensive with stunning results. Beautiful deer mount! Looking forward to GSTA 2009!

  12. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    I always like the shows I go to. Its no surprise then that I liked this show too. I just got back, and wish it wasnt over yet. These folks are all so nice and friendly, and I truly felt as though I was their guest for the weekend. The work was very nice, we hung plenty of ribbons, and spoke to alot of really nice and enthusiastic people. I got alot of paint on me and also the front row of people in my seminar, and I hope we managed to get some on the deer in the right manner. I enjoyed the judges, suppliers, old and new friends, and everything associated with the event. I hope I am asked back. Id be as honored as I was this time!
  13. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    Re: NEAT Convention

    Ditto there Bill. It's was called one of their best shows ever and it showed. The folks there treated us great, any and all problems that came up were handled in a very professional manner. Thanks for having me.
  14. after the shot

    after the shot N.E.A.T. Board Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    It is great to hear all of the positive feedback from folks regarding this years show. As a BOD member I take great pride in our association and do my hardest to contribute any way possible towards making our association and convention stronger and better year after year.

    To Bill " Yoxasuarus Rex",
    Thank you for Judging our show this year and putting on the deer finishing seminar. A wealth of information was offered to all. Although I was only able to stay for a short time to snap some photos I did pick up some tips that will help me bring my deer heads up another notch. You need not to be asked back. You have an open invitation to attend our event, either as a judge, seminarian, competitor, or friend.

    To Frank Kotula,
    Thanks to you as well for judging and your seminar. Although, I wasnt able to see your seminar do to the fact of rearranging the room for the banquet, I heard nothing but rave reviews. I want to again thank you for taking the time to critique my sons fish. He is excited to do another one using the tips that you offered him.

    Thanks to you both and to Harry Whitehead as well for attending our show and you all are now a part of the NEAT family, and hope to to see you again soon.
  15. Re: NEAT Convention

    I want to give my deepest Thanks to ALL who attended the NEAT convention this past weekend.

    When I started this post I had a million things to say.. but just can't seem to put them together.

    So I can only say. THANK YOU FRIENDS !!!
  16. Andy M

    Andy M Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    I too enjoyed myself greatly and seeing all of the outstanding work that was there. I can't believe it's over so fast. I can't wait until next year. Hope everyone else is planning thier piece for next year!

    Congrats to Ryan Lane for another outstanding whitetail piece!!

    I'll post some pictures later today.

  17. Ryan L

    Ryan L Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    I agree with everyone!! This is a top notch show put on and attended by top notch people. I appreciate it everyone. Great job!!! Thank you Matt for the slide show. It was a great addition to the awards ceremony. Thanks, Ryan Lane
  18. Homestead

    Homestead N.E.A.T BOD

    Re: NEAT Convention

    Hey Guys, You all put on a great show I had a great time this weekend and look forward to the next one. It got me fired up to maybe go to Jersey and or NY. with some new work.

    Two of the main things I learned was to sit closer to Whitehead at dinner and NOT to sit in the front row of Yox's seminar again! ;D

    For anyone looking to pick up a lot of tips and info you would want to attend next year. If you are new to taxidermy you will save yourself alot of time and you will be surprised how much better your work will be.

    Steve, thanks for the nomination to the BOD, I hope I can bring something to the table to help NEAT continue the success it has enjoyed in recent years.

  19. Crittercoroner

    Crittercoroner DUDE, your uselessness is epic!

    Re: NEAT Convention

    Great show guys, I'm really sorry I couldn't stay the duration, but the scouting campout was a success too. Thanks to Yox for calling me during the banquet so I could listen in to all the laughter from Harry. You guys did a phenomenal job and the only question I still have is why wouldn't you just get a mule deer form to begin with.

    Hopefully next year there won't be a scout campout and fishing derby the same weekend as I think this is the fourth or fifth consecutive year there was one.

    Steve and Fred, great seeing you two, and I imagine I'll be seeing you atleast one or two more times this year.


    PS. Someone please tell Fred to do a fish for a show, enough with the birds and mammals, lets see what else you can do.
  20. JOHNNY B

    JOHNNY B New Member

    Re: NEAT Convention

    I just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderfull time that we had at this years convention
    hats off to a great show and the the board and officers did a outstanding job as always
    looking forward to a nother great year