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"THE" 5 hour European mount tutorial.

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by michael p., Jan 10, 2009.

  1. I used a modified version of this tutorial because the job started as a maceration byt he customer and it worked well. The only issue I ended up with was loose teeth. To correct this I took Elmers glue and lightly painted it on the inside of the teeth, allowing it to run into the root cavity. Once dry it retains the teeth and is never seen.

    Thanks for the Tutorial Mike, Great job!

  2. outdoorsalways

    outdoorsalways New Member

    Thanks for your time and effort once again.I do some steps a little differant but I did pick up
    some pointers that will help me in the future.Thats the best ting about this forum,i can take what I
    like most and make my own process.Your time is appreciated!!!!!!!!

  3. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Having done skulls for a few years now, and after reading this thread, I learned some new tips, but I learned a lot more from Michael's DVD. I wasn't going to get it since I figured I do skulls fine now, but since his pedestal backing DVD was so informative, I figured it couldn't hurt. Maybe I'd pick up a new technique or two, which I definitely did. Thanks Michael.
  4. Blane

    Blane New Member

    Worked great....a real time saver....Thanks
  5. coonhunt

    coonhunt New Member

    thanks mike I got a good bit from that. thanks again
  6. Dark-Memory

    Dark-Memory Very sick but I'll be back in the future!

    Going to try this out for the first time on one of my first skulls, this was very awesome to read! Lots of visuals! Thank you for being willing to take time to share your wisdom! :)
  7. absmithtaxidermy

    absmithtaxidermy New Member

  8. anglinarcher

    anglinarcher New Member

    sweet tutorial! was wondering what the baking soda does? does it help whiten/degrease it or break down the meat from the skull?
  9. tracy

    tracy coon dogs

    i have had bugs do this and after doing it this way to me there is no other way
    it is fast and eazy and put cash in the pocket
    thanks mike
  10. I did this yesterday to a few small skulls (bobcat, coyote, fox) and the teeth were falling out. Should I simmer for a shorter time? What glue will work to glue the teeth back in?
  11. lilrick4x4

    lilrick4x4 New Member

    Thank you Michael P. I am new to taxidermy and Europeans. I have done 2 deer this way and I don't think I will do it any other way. Works great! Thank you to people like Michael who want to help new people in the business to learn how to succeed. I have now ordered 2 of Michael's videos.
  12. Trophy Skulls- Bemidji

    Trophy Skulls- Bemidji New Member

    I was trying to see the pictures attached to this post, am I the only one that can't see them?
  13. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Photobucket is holding them ransom.
  14. Photobucket is holding my photos also. I went from a free service to a charge of $400 a year. Not paying it
  15. DTSkulls

    DTSkulls Member

    keep coming back to this thread. thanks again
  16. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    Livbucks. I have started using a site called postimages.org for my pictures, they have many different sizes that can be used on this site. seems to work every well....

    Sidenote don't type it imagepost.org or you will get some really vulgar pictures....
  17. Manbearpig

    Manbearpig New Member

  18. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    Something I did to fix the Photobucket restriction, I use Google Chrome and I downloaded a Google app called "Photobucket Hotlink Fix" to my laptop. Now, I can brouse all the old taxi.net forums and view the pictures UNLESS they have been removed by the owner. Hope this helps. Joe
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