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Hey I got a ????????? about my first white deer mount!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by 15whitetailJosh, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone!! I am getting ready to mount my first totally white shoulder mount whitetail!! Its not albino because the nose is pink/black specled, and the eye lids are black, but everyting else is pure white!! Whats the best way to witten the cape up, like from blood stains, and dirt, it was a farm raised one so its a bit dirty!! Anyone ???
    Thanks Josh
  2. Marc A

    Marc A Beaver Creek Taxidermy

    Josh, there was an article in Breakthrough or Taxidermy Today last year that covered this. Don't remember the issue, but maybe someone else does.

  3. ryan9289

    ryan9289 New Member

    im no expert but Tide detergent has worked for us before, and it smells nice too ;D

  4. northernmontana

    northernmontana Active Member

    McKenzie sells a product that is used for goats. Might want to think about using that.
  5. dc taxidermy

    dc taxidermy Me and My Baby's senior picture

    Josh I used the whitteer from sallys suppy store on the one that I just did. It had a large blood stain. You mix it up in a paste and apply. let set about 20 min and stain gone. worked great. Its the same one I use on my skulls except I didn't use the peroxide.