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State Business License requirements. Washington state.

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by NIT, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. NIT

    NIT New Member

    I am confused as to what requirements I need in the state of washington. I have applied for the taxidermy license through the Fish and Game, the federal migratory bird license, but I can't figure out if I need a UBI number through the state of washington! Any help? The closest I can figure, I don't need one if I plan on grossing less than $12,000. Please let me know.

    Natures Image Taxidermy ???
  2. KAMoHunter

    KAMoHunter Proud member of the WVTA

    make a simple phone call to your state department of game and fish. thats what i did.

  3. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    It may not be that easy. I did that and they told me to call my city clerks office. I called them and they told me I had to call the zoning department.
    Depending on where you live you may get the run-a-round.
  4. KAMoHunter

    KAMoHunter Proud member of the WVTA

    true, but my point was that he is better off doing the work himself instead of relying on hear-say.
  5. You need a UBI in WA to have a business. SO yes... There $15 i think.... the cheap part of lic. in this state.
  6. Double Bull

    Double Bull New Member

    i was wondering how much a taxidermy liecense cost in washington?
  7. A Taxidermy License in the stat of Washington cost , Are you ready.......180.00. One of the most expensive states. It costs 10.00 in Oregon. Go figure.

  8. PLUS another $180 if you want to sell raw furbears(Fur Dealers Lic)
  9. That fur bearers license is on top of the state taxidermy license???? I just can't believe this state and the fees they charge. PLtannery your just across the hill from me. I'm going to have to stop in and say hi. JOhn
  10. Yep you have the fur dealers as well.... $360 each year in liscenses.... 3/4's of the full price of one deer head for me, almost.

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