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The World Show

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by pyeager1, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    I've been kicking around the idea of going to the world show now especially after some of my "heroes" on here have called asking me was I going. I would love to go, but haven't made any plans to go other than seeing how far it was from Cullman, AL (475mi) and I did check the registration page this weekend. I guess the one thing that is holding me back would be the motel room expense or availability unless I could share a room with a couple folks. Maybe If I could get some folks from the area or along the way to commit I would really consider going. I believe this would be the biggest chance to meet alot of you on here that I talk with everyday, but have never meet in person. I may even check airfare to see if it is a better deal than driving the ole' Dodge up there. If I flew into St. Louis I would have to make me a picket sign that read "Taxinet Member, need a ride to St. Charles". I guess they do have taxi service up there, but have never been in one my whole life! :D Anybody else wanting to go, but haven't made any commitments yet and could stand to room with an AL redneck for a couple days let me know? :)
  2. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    I have a room booked for myself, redwolf, and rda :-\ I could check to see if the can add another bed

  3. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Hell I could sleep in the bathtub if it came down to it! :D Thanks.
  4. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    perry, michael p and miranda are going to be in my room i have booked, but if all else fails, we can put you in a sleeping bag on the floor, if they wouldnt bring in another roll out bed. so you just get your arse up there and someone will put you in a room. ;) dont shell out the cash for one on your own, you can split with one of us on here.
  5. Perry, you and I. :-* :-* and ole' Jack :eek:
  6. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    I don't have to ask what "Jack" your referring to Ross! I only drink at home, so that won't be an issue. ;) :D

    Hey Russ, thanks for the offer! maybe something will come available and I can make it up there. I don't want to just show up and expect to mooch a room each night. I'll gladly pay my share with however I stay with. Just didn't want to reserve a room for my damn self and have no $$ to spend in the supply room! :D :D
  7. It will be your home for a few days. 8)

    No, seriously. Call me later if you want.
  8. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    perry, thats why i offered, you would at least have a locked door to put your stuff behind and relax at night. The offer is there if you need it buddy. just let me know. now plan your trip up. ;) guess you could come here and split fuel from my place with me, michael and miranda, he is coming the week before and gonna fish and work in the shop a day or two, then were gonna head up there. It would save you some miles and fuel if you wanted to do that. just let me know.
  9. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Hell Russ, it's 150 miles further to your place than it is for me to drive to St. Louis! Although I'm sure it would be a blast to hang out with you and that "nut" of a guest you'll be harboring! :D :D
  10. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)


    I -e-mailed you.

  11. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Oy...I can just see the housekeepers faces...going in to clean the rooms when we all leave. :eek:! Too funny. They just won't know what to think!
  12. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    Not sure I can go, but if someone has room on the floor for me and my army woobie, I might try to make the trip!?!?
  13. Sarge

    Sarge A little too much Lord *hic*

    I still have my Woobie too will never travel or hunt without it.
    Go Army Hooah!

  14. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    As long as its your woobie, and not woody :-\ Let me know Joe ;D ;D :eek: :eek:
  15. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    Hey Scott, really?? I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler fan you know ;)
    If the offer stands, let me first see if I can get off from work (the Army), etc.
    I would help pay wherever it is you are lodging. What is the latest you need to know?
  16. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    Hey Joe, I have a room booked at the host hotel. So far its myself, Redballs and his wife, RDA aka Ron
    I think i have thurs, fri, and sat booked, I'll have to look and make sure. Tour more than welcome ;D
  17. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    I wont' know if I can go until the end of Feb, so I will let you know.
    It will probably just be one; me. Thanks for the generosity.