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Resin/Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Freespirit, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. WeaponX

    WeaponX I'm an old dude

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Wayne, That looks pretty interesting ! I will have to try that, what color hair works the best ?
    But its a wonder you have skin left on your hands, LOL

  2. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    ALL depends on the color of your ears on the edges,most deer black or dark brown
    cut the hair up in about 3/8 to 1/2 inch long
    I should of said in there also clean hair.
    as for my hands never had any problems with the lacquer some people have more delicate skin then others
    rubber gloves don't stand up to this method
    I just use hand creams at the end of the day keeps hands soft wife don't complain ;)
    borax is harder on my hands then this then I use Watkins petro-carbo salve to help
    no need for carding the ears at all
    split ears I just open them right up no sowing
  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Can you spell dermatitis? You're on borrowed time. "Tender skin" just reacts SOONER and tough skin is hardly exempt. My mother always told me that hard heads make for soft asses.
  4. LionHeart

    LionHeart New Member

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Thanks a lot for taking time for the tutorial, excellent work 8).
  5. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    i think skin absorbs the thinners aswell and recks your liver or kidneys..i think!
  6. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    No pissin match from me. It's your life and if you think you're bulletproof, who am I to say you aren't?
  8. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Wayne that's exactly the way i was taught to bondo ears...only one thing you forgot...to press the ear with the bondo lightly and firmly onto an earliner to shape it.
  9. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    George I didn't say I was bulletproof. You say that you have 50 years in the art and can almost bet the house you used a lot of masha in your time and you didn't wear a mask
    because you were bulletproof to now that we know asbestos can give us asbestos of the lungs and we don't know when it will do its damage?
    and I all so I know your just looking after the health of the younger generation of artists take George
  10. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    I use my thumb and fore finger to put the three ribs in the ear
    you just have to have a plastic one for ref
  11. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    You're right Wayne and for those of you who DON'T know, my health has paid a helluva price for my stupidity when I was younger. One major problem I have is "an elevated diaphragm". The diaphragm on my right lung no longer works and I live with about half normal lung capacity. There are kidney problems that also can't be dismissed as "old age" but damned sure can't exempt breathing lacquer and MEK over the years as well as uing DP without a dust mask. I've become the taxidermist that I used to pity when I was a kid. LEARN from the dumb stuff I did.
  12. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Thanks George
    now we have that out of the way take care
    everyone has a choice on what method they feel comfortable with myself is the bondo method
    and I don't know why everyone calls it bondo ears
    it should be RESIN EARS
    BECAUSE ITS 60 percent and 40 percent bondo, the bondo is added for flex and fiberglass resin is the stiffness
  13. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    That's the SISSY way!! Just make the damn ear!! :) LMAO!
  14. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Hmmm looks like i may have to take pictures to show everyone exactly what i mean...
  15. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Mike that picture that must be a spin off from the dynamite 101 looks like good stuff ;)
  16. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Hey guys, as a newbie still (when does that end??) I've learned A LOT from this post.
    Thanks Wayne - I'm amazed you made those butchered ears look normal.
    Thanks George, your slant always brings what's missing out!
    Thanks elk, but show the picture of what youare taling about.
  17. bowhuntnnut

    bowhuntnnut 210-260-0190

    Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    I've never seen anyone use real hair before, looks interesting. I'm gonna try that. Thanks for the pics.


    For those that wish to use gloves with this method LATEX WILL NOT WORK. You can use the purple ones, which i think are nitrile. They will hold up to laquer thinner for a few minutes.
  18. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    Ok here is a pic of the one i am working on now...the problem i have is not the ears but the form is a really snug fit along the lower neck/shoulders/brisket area...also for the antlers i wanted to use i do not have enough skin to cover the cap...I do have an alternate set but they aren't as impressive
  19. Re: Bondo Ears - The Hard Way

    here's a shot of the problem i was talking about