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Oldshaver sez, "Mmmmm, I LIKE hair pie!".

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Glen Conley, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Glen Conley

    Glen Conley KARMA GOOSE R.I.P. 2006-2006

    You will need:
    1 bowl
    1 fork
    3 eggs
    some STOP-ROT
    1 comb
    1 dawg*
    1 cookie sheet
    cling wrap

    Break eggs open into a bowl.
    Whip in about an equal volume of STOP-ROT with a fork.

    Call the dawg. Using comb, collect hair and put in bowl.

    *No dawgs were harmed in the making of this pie.
  2. Glen Conley

    Glen Conley KARMA GOOSE R.I.P. 2006-2006

    Keep mixing hair into bowl contents until hair is saturated.

    Fork hair onto cling wrap covered ungreased cookie sheet.

    Allow to dry.

    Once dry, send a piece to oldshaver.

  3. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    LMAO>>>> ;D ;D man dats sikkkkkkkk ;D
  4. Glen Conley

    Glen Conley KARMA GOOSE R.I.P. 2006-2006

    Dadburnit, Uncle Ron! You knocked me off-line before I could finish. Trust me, there is method to my madness.

    Left over egg and STOP-ROT combination.

    The remainder was quite watery compared to what I started with, and quite a bit more translucent.

    I started spreading the hair mass with the fork, but it was quite a bit more uneven than what I wanted, so I used my fingers. I'm glad I did, or I would have missed what might be an important observation. STOP-ROT users know about the gooey, sticky substance produced when a fresh green hide is treated with STOP-ROT. I got what felt to be identical from the combination of egg and STOP-ROT.

    Oldshaver, you got it figured out as to what I'm up to here?
  5. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    ok you got my intrest. had to post so i would be sure to keep up on this thing. either that or glen you have too much time on your hands. but i am sure this is going somewhere. or i missed something.
  6. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    No, but I will be reading though. ???
  7. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    You are gonna grow skin to hold that hair together. I need a transplant of that stuff so does Bill Yox.
  8. Monte

    Monte Missouri fur-Limited hair-tanning

    I agree with Bill . Maybe you are showing the egg came first. It has everything needed to grow connective tissue. Maybe the stop rot is the catalyst.
    I must admit my interest in stop rot has been minimal up to this point. We rarely have hair slip issues. I am intrigued by this approach with the egg.

    Egg yolk plays a roll in some leather tanning as part of the fatliquoring process.
  9. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Dang Glen, whatcha gonna do when you get some kinda wierd mutation growing? Don't try to incubate that egg, you might grow a chiawg.
  10. Are you trying to grow a chicken with hair? ???
  11. Dang Becky, we were thinking alike at the same time, thats scary. :D
  12. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

  13. Ok Glen, you cant leave us hanging. Whats up.
  14. laserred

    laserred New Member

    hair follicle growth
  15. Glen,
    We are all here waiting.
  16. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    no doubt there Ill be right behind ya!!!! :D
  17. Glen Conley

    Glen Conley KARMA GOOSE R.I.P. 2006-2006

    First off, there are those that believe that once damage is done to skin, that damage is irreversible. "MY" life experiences and eyes cause me to differ with their *ahem* unsupported opinions.

    Many of you have been with me as I have moved along in sequenced progressions. Many of you also know that I also dabble with living stuff, which is actually my true interest. MUCH can be learned about the living by studying the dead.

    For those that are new (we get a new crop every year), I am going to reference you to a past thread here on the forum.

    As a memory refresher for those that have been with me all along, I'm posting the first photo off that two year old thread below. In keeping with tradition of advancements and new facts, he was the hair donor for this data gathering session. He was also the first dawg to get treated with STOP-ROT after being skunk sprayed. Makes 'em a whole lot more pleasant to be around once that odor is gone.
  18. Glen Conley

    Glen Conley KARMA GOOSE R.I.P. 2006-2006

    Another web article to reference is the one about an eighteen year old freezer burned cape.

    Admittedly that was a pretty good trick to pull off, BUT what really caught my eye and peaked interest was what I saw on the edges of the lips, and mouth corners. This is where oldshaver comes in as a budding young mad scientist.

    There were a number of tiny shreds of muscle meat at the very edges of the cut lip line. These were obviously TANNED. The cape was tanned by oldshaver's company. So we are looking at not only the structural proteins of the cape being tanned, but also the globular proteins of the muscle cells. From what "I" have seen, the cells of the epidermis have always been void of contents once pickled. The way I see that is that oldshaver's company's system "fixes" the muscle cells with their protein contents in a preserved state.

    A quote from the above article that explains the picture of the bullet hole.
    "Another potential problem area can be the epidermis around a bloody bullet wound. You don't have the advantage of having been able to see this wound before it was shipped to the tannery, but the wound area did not slough any additional epidermis."
  19. Gobblingfever

    Gobblingfever 100% PEER GOBBLER ADDICTION!!!!

    This is very interesting