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Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by skinner 12, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. skinner 12

    skinner 12 Member

    how do you move your up. or bumping?
  2. by typing ttt= to the top...but be forwarned.... Senor Ken Edwards is watching this forum and patrols the unnecessary bumping and "eliminates" the garbage at his discretion

  3. Is this referring to posts getting sent back to the top?
  4. yep it sends the posts back to the top of the forum section list...IE...you are selling something and it gets swallowed up in 30+ posts of "for sale" on that day...noone has seen or responded to your notice/ad..you'd type ttt and it would get placed at the top of the list...I myself have only had to do this once because something i was offering for sale got buried in the daily mudslide of 'for sale" items.

    Before you are tempted to do this it is likely best to review it with the forum operators and find out the rules and regs on bumping...i recall ken posting something to the effect of new rules on bumping posts
  5. ok, thanks for the helpful information