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1/2 lifer Barabary - wall mount question

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by HCT, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. HCT

    HCT New Member

    Looking for ideas......... Customer wants the sheep, 1/2 lifesize coming out of the wall, stepping on a raock ledge. He also has a lamb that he wants on the ledge. He has a photo of a similar mount he has a seen, without the lamb. In this photo, the rock ledge and the mount are attached to a huge plaque. This is then hung on the wall.

    That seems like an easy, simple way to hang both components(ledge and sheep). I think it would LOOK better witout the plaque. I am struggling with how to hang both on the wall, have it secure, look right, without using a back board plaque.

    My thought is to create the ledge/lamb secction, with two solid recessed hangers. Then add tube inserts to the ledge for the ram feet and put the foot rods into the inserts to assemble. Then....measure from the ledge hanger to the sheep hanger. When it comes time to hang- transfer hanger locations on measurement to the wall. Hang the rock first. slide the rods into the inserts- while the hanger slides into place.

    Am I reinventing the wheel, is there an easier way???????????