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Looking at taxidermy through new eyes.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by IAwhttail, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. mbullism

    mbullism New Member

    Not here. Given limited space, the only mount I have is the very first racked buck I took with a bow... it's no "trophy" in most peoples eyes, but it is in mine. Gods honest truth, I don't remember what I paid.... within reason, I didn't care. The point is, I guess, is that yeah, I looked at examples of their previous work, I just didn't know what really to look for til I came here and got edjumacated, lol. maybe it was just fixation on the racks, but I've been terribly happy with the mount for years, and still am for what the deer represents to me personally, but I just look at it differently now.

    If I never work up to try and do it myself, at least I know some of what to look for in someone else's work next time :)
  2. Christie

    Christie Instructor, Consultant & Speaker

    LOL - so you know you are married to a taxidermist when...

    I was at the NWTF Convention because Paul was judging the turkeys. He took a break and we were walking around, and started looking at all of these deer mounts. After a few minutes, he kept going on and on about how impressive they were, and I was confused because they did not look "competition quality". I even made the statement "I don't get it, they're not the best I've ever seen...". Only after he pointed it out did I notice that we were looking at the selection of "world record holders" for antlers. LOL - oops! I knew they had antlers, but it took me 10 minutes to notice them!

    P.S. They were impressive once I switched my focus...

  3. Big Easy

    Big Easy New Member

    i mounted my first deer earlier this yr and thought it looked great until
  4. buckncm

    buckncm New Member

    Although there are alot of good taxidermist on here, since I've been visiting this site I would have a real hard time being satisfied with a mount unless it looked like it was done by bw or eddieb ;)
  5. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    one of my customers won a big buck contest at a local sporting goods store and got to hang his/my mount in the winner spot for a year. the owner of the store would never let me leave my cards there because his best friend is another local taxidermist and he would only endorse his friends business. but since my mount was put there i can now put my cards out there and have gotten the owners personal work to boot. the other guy is having to up his quality to try to get some of that work back. the good thing is he is getting better, but still has a long way to go. he even came to me for some advise. when people do actually see the difference, they want better. like you all have noted, hunters just see horns and don't know any better.
  6. This is a fun post. I took my first mountable buck to the same guy that everyone did (200 a year or so) I took several more there over the years and always thought they were the best around. Then one year he was turning away work because he was swamped and he sent me to a guy he had trained. Well, that one was so bad that I actually did notice so I took up taxidermy and went to school. When I got back, it was then that I realized that the first guy's work was just as terrible as his apprentice. I started noticing things like 3/8" gap under antler burrs, t-pins shoved into lip line, drumming, drumming, drumming, a wicked punk rock mohawk seam, and ear butts coming out the back of the neck, and a little more drumming. I keep a couple of these in my shop with small tag saying "Not Mounted by Us" people really see the difference when they are side by side and don't mind paying extra.
  7. I'm a 3rd generation taxidermist I remember when I was a kid we would go on vacation and dad would stop at shops along the way I cant tell you how many shops wouldn't let my dad in the front door when they found out he was a taxidermist.Everybody kept everything a secret no knowledge or ideas exchanged.Then one day my dad and a few of the friendlier taxidermist decided to do something that would open the doors to everybody.They formed the N T A ,I grew up with dad planning and organizing conventions and seminars he even hosted several on the Ms Coast in Biloxi.I was fortunate to know alot of the great old timers and still keep up with the ones still alive.Alot of taxidermist these days dont know how good they have it with all the knowledge that is shared and the products available today because of a few good men wanting to turn their love for what they do into public knowledge not a bank account.My hat is off to them for the sacrifices they made to make the industry what it is today.