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Coyote Ears

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Mr. Tibbs, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Mr. Tibbs

    Mr. Tibbs New Member

    Hi Guys
    I'm doing a pedestal mount on a coyote and I've got a qustion about the ears. Should I form the ears with clay or use the bondo ear method? Your suggestions will greatly be appreciated. Thanks......
  2. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    Ear liners with clay base, being your 1st or a beginner you will get the bondo to thick

  3. kwickerink

    kwickerink New Member

    Bondo method keeps them real crisp on the edges! I just mounted one last night this way.
  4. Mark in IL

    Mark in IL New Member

    I use apoxy- sculpt and always get good results
  5. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    I agree with sandy. As a beginner you may try earliners and clay bases good luck
  6. X2 thats the best!!! I use Brian Harness Earliners that you do not have to even remove the cartilage!! They work very Well!!
  7. D. Matthews

    D. Matthews Taxidermist, Paramedic, Family man

    I also use apoxy - sculpt and no problems just keep an eye on then till they set up